“Russia will open international flights in succession, one country after another or groups of countries. When Russia deems it possible to open international air transportation, China will be one of the first destinations where the flights will be resumed”, – he said.

Before it became known that China from June 8 are allowed to fly to foreign companies. The restrictions were imposed in a situation of the spread of coronavirus.

As noted Panteleev, a critical question for China now is to resume flights to the United States, and the decision to open international flights was made on the background of the recent decision of the us authorities to ban the flights of Chinese companies in the United States.

“I Think that you should link these events,” – said the expert. He explained that China until recently has not imposed any ban on international flights at all, but put forward a number of requirements for airlines. American carriers these requirements did not match, and therefore unable to operate in China. In response, the us government banned the flights of Chinese airlines in the United States.

as for Russian-Chinese international flights, the resumption of interest and China and Russia. “After the governments of the two countries will be lifted restrictions on international flights, the restoration of air links will not keep itself waiting long. Airlines are interested in the reconstruction of the route network, it is in demand, both for Chinese and for the Russian side,” – said Panteleyev.

In the opinion of representatives of Russian airlines, while to predict the resumption of the flight program in China before.