the Real unemployment rate in Russia in autumn could grow to 20 million, says the founder of service of the Superjob Alexei Zakharov. In his opinion, now unemployed in a country of about 10 million people.

“because Of the isolation, not all companies are physically able to execute all the legal procedures for dismissal, bankruptcy, closure of enterprises. Now they come out of isolation — and we immediately see a rise in unemployment. The actual number of unemployed 5-6 times higher. We believe that work already lost about 10 million people. By autumn the figure could rise to 20 million,” predicted the expert.

Zakharov noted that not all the unemployed registered at the labor exchange — many just don’t see the point. Official data according to which in Russia on June 3, there are 2.2 million unemployed, the expert considers incomplete.

the Official data of the Ministry of labor indicate that from 1 April to the end of may of lost 2 million Russians are employed for the same period was only 1.7 million According to the forecast, the peak of unemployment in Russia will be in the third quarter of 2020, and restoring will come in the first half of 2021-th.

to save the labour market, the government tripled the minimum unemployment benefit from 1500 to 4000 rubles. The maximum allowance in March brought to the level of the minimum wage — 12 130 rubles a month.