In the election that took place on June 28, everything was unusual. This was the second attempt to hold them: the first on may 10, closed polling stations was declared invalid. Because of the epidemic of the coronavirus for the first time in the history of Poland’s voting was optional – both in person and by mail. Polish voters in countries where the epidemic situation does not allow to vote personally, had difficulty receiving ballots in the mail and sending them to their Consulate. And in Poland itself due to sanitary restrictions at the polling stations lined up in long queues. Besides, sharp pre-election struggle has lead to an extraordinary mobilization of the electorate, and turnout at the elections amounted to a record 62.9 percent, which has not happened here since 1989.

Only, to no one’s surprise, it is the outcome of the elections: as predicted by the opinion polls with the most votes Andrzej Duda lacked a few percent to win in the first round. Now poles waiting for the second round, in which the incumbent President will meet with the acting mayor of Warsaw. And here is the result of this match predict not taken one. It all depends on who will vote voters of the remaining nine candidates. For example, Szymon Hołownia has reported that “of two evils choose the lesser”, and the second round will support Trzaskowski. At the end of June the results of the surveys showed that the chances of Duda and Trzaskowski in the second round are approximately equal. This means that the poles are waiting for a very tough election campaign.

Recall that for Andrzej Duda is the ruling of 2015, the party “law and justice”. For Rafal Trzaskowski is a party successor who ruled before that the Civil platform “Civic coalition.” It is these political forces has led Poland to what is here called the “Polish-Polish war”. Who will win in the coming battle, depends on whether “Peace” continue to reform the country at their own discretion.