Roberto Blanco has been on stage for 66 years and has been able to celebrate a number of successes during this time. After all these years, the cult singer is far from taking it easy. But on the contrary. At the beginning of June, the musician’s new studio album “Now more right” will be released. But Roberto has even more reasons to celebrate in 2022. He turns 85 just a few days after releasing his album. In addition to the artist himself, his biggest hit is also celebrating his birthday. “A little fun is a must” has been guaranteeing catchy tunes for 50 years. But after so many years, Roberto still hasn’t had enough of his iconic song, as he reveals in the interview.

The 84-year-old has released a number of songs in his decades-long career, including some big hits. For example, “The Puppeteer of Mexico” is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. But no song is associated with Roberto Blanco as much as “A little fun has to be”. He has been performing this song at concerts for 50 years now. But don’t you get tired of the song after such a long time? “No! I’m not that ungrateful. I’ll tell you why. Anyone who wants to be an artist, entertainer or singer is happy when they have a hit. This will open doors for him. And why should I make this door? That would be an affront to the audience and I don’t do that. I’m grateful,” he assures in an interview.

He is actually very pleased that people still react so positively to “A little fun has to be”. In fact, as soon as he heard the song for the first time, it was clear to him that “A little fun has to be” would be his song: “I had a feeling. You have that feeling. And that became my song.”

While the song pension for “A little fun has to be” is out of the question, retirement for Roberto himself is far from an option: “I’m on stage for the audience, thanks to the audience. And as long as I have the strength and as long as I have the voice and as long as the audience wants me, I’ll be there.” In fact, Roberto is even convinced that the many stage appearances and travels keep him young. So it’s no wonder that getting older doesn’t seem to bother him much. In any case, the native Tunisian is relaxed about his 85th birthday: “That’s a number. Please. I feel like 40.”

For Roberto, even at almost 85, one thing still counts above all: making his fans happy. “I was held up by the audience. I got up step by step thanks to the audience. That’s why, like all my CDs, I made it for the public. I didn’t record it for myself, I recorded it for the audience and I hope it goes down well,” he explains of his new album.

But that Roberto is successful in the music business is not a matter of course. Originally he wanted to take a completely different career path: “My life is the stage. I have that in me and I am very happy that I chose this profession to make people happy or to let people forget their worries for a while. That’s a great job. That’s why I chose this profession and not medicine, as I originally wanted. […] My father wanted me to become a doctor. But afterwards he congratulated me and told me that he was happy that I had chosen this job.”

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