MOSCOW, may 5 — RIA Novosti. This year because of the pandemic coronavirus the ball costume Institute Met Gala, which is held annually in new York city on the first Monday of may, was canceled. Despite this, the main fashion event took place in the Network. Users have demonstrated the outfits that came out on the red carpet, and celebrities remembered the best images.

In Twitter account HF Twit Met Gala administrators invited everyone to take part in a virtual ball. All you need to do is to place the publication in social networks using the layout HF Twit, and the hashtag #HFMetGala.

for Example, user @manicvalentino on creating gowns inspired by the Victorian era eclecticism and freedom-loving 1960-ies. No wonder that the theme of the Met Gala 2020, announced in November last year, was “About time: fashion and duration” (“Fashion through time”).

the Victorian and Edwardian era and liked the woman with the nickname @lia_moony. Your image with Gothic elements she has collected from various things found at home.

But @svanrovski would come to the Met Gala in an asymmetric costume, which combines the sophisticated style of the XVIII century, the Rococo and the clean lines of men’s shirt and jacket from the collection Burberry”s RTW. It was introduced in 2017.

User @leswiftquito had based the style of the 1960-ies. He used trends of French fashion house Givenchy from times of old Hollywood.

Another guest of the virtual Costume ball @miumiubaybe recreated one of her favorite sets from the legendary show British fashion designer Alexander McQueen Voss. It took place in 2001. According to her, is a “timeless collection”.

Hollywood actors, supermodels and musicians don’t have the time to invent something new (although it is possible that they were all ready). They are posted on instagram photos from past balls.

Musician Jared Leto again startled everyone with its silicone head (and her outfit frontman of 30 seconds to Mars came up with fashion house Gucci), which he in 2019 gave hold the Kardashian sisters and other guests of the evening.

One of the most stylish Hollywood Actresses Blake lively showed three favorite outfit. But the most spectacular among them — the Atelier Versace dress (the first photo in the collection). In it she attended the Met Gala in 2018. It is known that the creation of this image from the tailors took more than 600 hours.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne also posted footage of multiple images. “Looking back, I remember how it looked last year Met Gala. In sharp contrast with the sport pants that I wear for several weeks,” she joked.

last year, the most daring and revealing outfits, of course, was the American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski what she decided to remind about this.

equally memorable stays and out supermodel Naomi Campbell in a pink Valentino dress, decorated with feathers and lace stockings to match.