Style is the talk of The town over the last few days? In addition to corona and, of course, is primarily the Tiger King on the tongue. A bizarre, ingenious, addictive, disturbing, and entertaining are just a few of the terms that will be used in the documentary series to describe it. It applies in any case in which the other big cats of the quarter, in particular the ones in your closet.

the Exotic animals, the weapons, the moordcomplotten, drug abuse, polygamy and female genital piercings: < / i> Tiger King has it all. The series revolves mainly around Joseph Schreibvogel, better known as Joe Exotic, a tijgerliefhebber, and the owner of a private zoo. Spoiler alert: at the moment, he is sitting in jail because of hijeen an assassin had been sent to a dierenrechtenactiviste.

Not a lot to say: in the documentary, it is a collection of amazing stories, and it’s a gestoorder than the other.It is, in any case, to ensure that stars such as Kim Kardashian and Sam Smith is addicted to the true crime documentary series, and the rest of the Netflix-when the world.

the Impact shoppinggedrag

just About all of the people that are in the range of prevention, have, by the way, a clear preference for shirts with tijgerprintjes and sequins. One of the ultimate fashion faux pas. Despite this, there has been a great influence on the shoppinggedrag a lot of people. According to the magazine Rolling Stone is to sell to retailers, considerably more tiger-related things, since the Tiger King was launched on Netflix. For example, the search on eBay for ‘Tiger King’ with a 336% increase, and for the past two weeks and is 56% more tijgerknuffels, and accessories, and the dress with the tiger print is sold.

It will fit in any case, the trend of animal prints, that have been doing it for a while, well, in the world of fashion.“Animal prints are the new stripes now. They’re never out of fashion. , ” says the designer, Sarah Roelstraete. “Because of the beestige prints for quite a while to come, like we have for the coming season is something very exciting. My advice is: dare to experiment!”

the dressing room

Would you like to be a leopard, or a tijgerpatroon without being able to look at a big cat? Or, even worse,Carole Baskin from the Tiger King ? Roelstraete, shares her ultimate do’s and don’ts so that you do not miss the gates. A good choice for starting in accordance with their hair in the dressing room. “Pay close attention to the fit. Clothes with animal prints should be well covered and not too tight or ” pulling.”

also, Be aware of the material from which the garment is made of. For a classy look, you better stay away from cheap fabrics such as velvet. Choose a place for great fabrics such as satin and chiffon or sturdy denim and cotton.”

at Home, in front of the mirror

From animal prints staying ahead of the competition, you are always on the border between the super swanky, or a little bit further. Another tip is to ensure that you don’t fall over to the wrong side? Make sure that your outfit does not have to be exposed to makes. A skirt or pair of trousers, dierenprint if you combine it with a top and without a deep plunging neckline,” says the designer is stuck.

The biggest challenge is indeed to combine. If you aren’t sure what you should do? Start small. “You should choose for the small details in your outfit, such as a clutch, heels or a belt with an eye-catching print. Because of this, you can hardly go wrong. Or, opt for elegant and simple all in one striking entry, with a dierenprint, such as a coat, jacket, dress, or jacket. Combine it with black, white, or earth tones. This is to keep the in-your-face it is,” explains Roelstraete, off. “Less and less classical, but just as beautiful, it can be combined with soft colors like pastel pink, soft yellow, or orange. These are the colors you should wear with a luipaardpatroon, or any other dierenprint with a blue-ish colour.”

it May be for you, what is more risky? to “For the brave at heart and can mix-and-match. You can try the garment playful, combined with stripes, diamonds and flowers. Take a look at the cool brands such as Essentiel, and Scotch & Soda, they may do that as well.”

do you Have desire to get online is to go shopping? I found a few nice items.