one Of my current quarantine Highlights are Half the daily repeats of “Two And A half Men”. There are scenes and dialogues that I can know inside out and have a say, but that doesn’t bother me. But Charlie Sheen – I was in love with her since “Hot Shots” is always a little bit – is a sex addict, alcoholic, advertising Jingle writer, even after years of great cinema.

While alcohol addiction is of course not an issue, you should laugh. And the one with the sex addiction? Also – beyond a Sitcom-film sets – not funny. Even in the case of the always entertaining Charlie Sheen, who played the sex addict drinker so convincing because he himself was one. (Read more: sex addiction: you realize that you are at risk)

As Sheen is supposed to have according to the “National Enquirer” in 2013 alone, more than 1.6 million dollars for the services of prostitutes spent, like without a condom. And the two years after the actor had experienced, HIV-positive.

sex addiction: a mental disorder

Ill find you? Absolutely. In fact, sex addiction or Hyper-sexuality for 2018 by the WHO as a mental disorder recognized.

But where exactly is the line between Hyper-sexuality and what is simply a strong sexual Desire? The American psychiatrist Martin Kafka-defined people as “sexabhängig”, have over a period of six months weekly at least seven orgasms and a daily “one-to-two hours in such activities deal”.

In times of Internet pornography and Dating Apps such as Tinder, the non-committal Booty Calls, at least theoretically, always possible, one would have to these guideline values, however, probably far to the top correct. (Also interesting: it tells you whether you are porn addicted)

The pressure is like any other Addiction enormously

The most important criterion: For a Dependent sexuality is nothing that he can enjoy. It’s not about intimacy and closeness, not about to try something New, not even a question of “How many women can I be towing in a week’s time?” It is only about sexual gratification.

The pressure of suffering for those Affected is enormous, the spiral, a similar as with other addictions. The thoughts are uncontrolled and compulsive to the next, well, shot. Above-average satisfaction and Sex with exchange frequent self-supporting partners can help with pressure reduction, but also create a desensitization, to ensure that the previous Stimulation is sufficient, a real satisfaction therefore less likely to take place.

The result is that the “Kick” is missing, the dose needs to be increased: Harder porn, more frequent Masturbation, always coarser Masturbation techniques, which Affected not infrequently the hands and genitals chafing, more aggressive Sex, whether with a Partner, anonymously with Strangers or professional Sexworkern.

A behavior for the addict with feelings of guilt and shame pays to self-hatred. (Also read: Beautiful masturbate: The Upgrade for the Masturbation Game)

broken relationships, broken friendships, high level of indebtedness

By this fixation there is that Sex addicts relationships, friendships, and professional duties, neglect and/or financial ruin. The five Escort Girls per week come eventually, not because of the good crumbs coffee and a round of Playstation. (Also interesting: “I was lonely”: Justin Bieber’s life confession)

Hyper-sexuality has been always stamped

I ask you to forgive me for the Flapsigkeit here and there, it helps me to develop the topic in my style. I say this because Hyper sexuality was taken a few years ago, rarely serious.

Particularly male Celebrities man attested to again and again with süffisantem Smile: “Well, can’t help it, the ladies’ man.” Hyper-sexual women has been pressed, the now out of fashion, distressed stamp “nymphomaniac”, which had a wicked 70s-“odds and ends”-the romantic and the sound somehow a little bit and Horny.

causes and Affected

from sex addiction, especially men are Affected by the way. According to recent studies, one in ten to five in ten people is addicted to sex, including women.

The causes of the pathologically increased Libido are many and varied. Frequently Affected were abused in their Childhood or youth sexual abuse, but also genetic predisposition and mental illness can play a role. (Read more: “Stealthing”: This dangerous Sex practice is to do a crime)

What if one is ill?

a cognitive behavior therapy can help control their own sexual behavior to win back. Anonymous self-help groups are a good way to take the first step towards healing.

you Should have recognized in this Text, find it therapeutic help. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here learn more about the author.

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