Now and I do not remember how many times he even received the nickname Simpleton, he saved his friends by the Beatles from the collapse of the group, many of their valuable items, costumes, photos, and drum sticks free handed out to the organizers of charity auctions, not asking for that penny… How many helped, even reconciled with their wives (listened to him even wayward Yoko Ono)… Sometimes, even their misery has helped others to write songs: in March 1967, landed in the hospital with chronic tonsillitis and when friends ask about the feeling, tried to answer cheerfully: “Every day getting better and better.” Despite the wheezing in the throat… but those shamelessly wrote on his emotions Getting Better (just the “every day getting better and better”), which became one of the most energetic in the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club’s Band.

by the Way, Ringo Starr of The Beatles, which is considered “the good guy English rock-n-roll”, 7 July its 80th anniversary to celebrate is going to not like everything. Wants to the anniversary day itself to give gifts to those who win his contest. And it will be able to participate and fans of sir Ringo and The Beatles, and from Russia.

On the question of what to get him for a birthday, Ringo Starr responds the same way: “All I need is peace and love.” And all the birthdays now observes the same, out July 7 at 12.00 on the street. Puts fingers in V sign (that is Victory, “victory”) and says three words: “Peace and Love!” Then they present the cake with candles. And Ringo their blows. Be present usually all: friends, neighbours, passers-by, tourists. And also I have to say, referring to each other, and to all on earth: “Peace and love!”

With love from the ex-beatle really all right: now 39 years old he is married to American actress Barbara Bach, who played, by the way, the role of girls of James bond in “the Spy who loved me”. He has three children (son Zak Starkey has also become a very decent drummer: playing in The revived Oasis and The Who).

But the world is not a peaceful 2020, things are already much worse. But Ringo is still relaxed and friendly.

that’s what the ex-beatle came up with the now, on the eve of the 80th anniversary. He holds a charity event in support of the initiative Heal the Healers Now, which uses transcendental meditation to help doctors involved in the fight against COVID-19. And just need to talk about how this meditation helped you. No money will not necessary to translate. About Starr announced also on the website Omaze.

But the prize is very good: the winner will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Ringo with him, and even boyfriend or girlfriend will be able to grab! However, because of the pandemic, the celebration will be held via video link. But the prizes are real: the musician will give the winner one of his works. It is unknown yet what: the rocker has received in the homeland a title of the knight of many talents: he is a profesionale enjoys photography, draws, knows a lot about cooking… and a new album Ringo – That’s My Name – good.

the Musician told about what “transcendental meditation”: “I Wake up in the morning and meditate. Meditation allows me to relax from himself. In some days there is absolute peace, a feeling that I’m somewhere in another place, and I know it’s only because back. It’s very important to “not think”. I think it is enough. But sometimes it is important just to “be”. This transcendental feeling. And all of this is transcendental meditation”.

And he told about how to live today, on the eve of the 80th anniversary: “After meditation, I go to the gym. I have a coach. And I’m a vegetarian. Not vegan, because I really love goat cheese. Being vegan is very hard, because they eat a lot of sugar. But I’m very wary of sugar…”

About my other Hobbies – photography and film (critics believed that of all the Beatles best drama gift from Ringo, just look at a film by Ken Russell “Lisztomania” or “Alice in Wonderland”, where he played the mock Turtle) – ex-beatle until the recalls. Perhaps, once again conceived something interesting and just don’t want to jinx it?!

the Best album Ringo Starr – Stop And Smell the Roses (“Stop and breathe in the smell of roses”). Before his entry he went to visit Paul and George, and each of them wrote for the other two or three songs. Had Ringo in new York to John. Lennon gave to a friend-the drummer of democase with two songs, asked to sing them: Life Begins at 40 and Nobody Told Me. And after 12 days he was shot in front of the house where they were meeting…

And Ringo out of grief simply did not have the right mental strength to write these songs. Because “good guy” sometimes to be very difficult…

Curiously, his last, the 75-year anniversary of Ringo Starr could be found in Moscow. Musicians of group “the Optimum variant” – the Beatles fans and beautiful melodically, annually unique for the international rock festival “Street Apple years.” He is on the boat. Good bands play their program, all three hours of the route along the Moscow river. Someone from the audience are lucky, listen to the sets on the deck. Those who have not got the tickets, go for boat bike along the river: watch and listen to from there.

But five years ago the leaders of the group Oleg Chilap and Sasha Lipnitsky wanted to invite to speak, and Ringo Starr. Well, the Explorer, “RG” I, too… Amazing, but Ringo is not immediately refused. The amount of the fee was not particularly bothered, as well as what kind of car and what hotel will carry from the airport. The festival was held on 5 and 6 July. The ex-beatle was disturbed by only one thing: does he have time to return home to Los Angeles, because “at 12.00 already people waiting”.

Perhaps we are too warmly said, “of Course I have time!” And managers, and the wife suspected ��about that in Moscow the reception will be very warm, and therefore there is a risk that Ringo Starr home quickly are unlikely to return. The next day we still refused… But nothing necessarily waiting for Ringo Starr in Moscow on the 85th anniversary of…