To can’t hide Eva Benetatou their disappointment: “Tobias and I also found it stupid that he has used this Situation to stand in the Public good and to save Janine in reparation. But a broken heart can mend with such a cheap action.“

The dispute

The “celebrities under the palm trees”-the audience went to los on Wednesday evening to witness a great looking game, Désirée Nick, and your biggest Fan Matthias Mangiapane verbally on Claudia Obert. A deafening fight ensues between the people of older caliber, so that the young stock such as Eva, Carina Spack and Tobi fell silent Wegener shocked.

Why the three actually in the hair will get has been had to the next thing – and actually, noone knows what was the trigger for this embarrassing charade, such as Eva reported: “What was the crucial point for this argument, I don’t know. It’s suddenly escalated. I also think that Matthias and Désirée have rocked each other. Have just been waiting for any response from Claudia so that you can explode. Maybe this was a tactic to make you ready.“

Désirée just jealous?

Eva, which is positioned behind Claudia says: “I am 100 percent Team Claudia. This is psychological terror of what is happening there.“ She also has her own theory as to why woman Nick out of your skin was and declared: “I think that Desiree feels a great envy towards Claudia. I can think of.“


And further: “That certainly has to do with the fact that Claudia is a good business woman and her business is going well and she stands with both feet in life and is independent. She was never at a dicey point in her life, such as Désirée, who had to collect change bottles, as you yourself told. For Claudia, everything is running, you have to deduct any cabaret number. You power your spells to have a mean intention behind it. Matthias and Désirée, everything is always very vicious. Claudia has these cool sayings. Since Désirée can’t compete with that. Which must be for 40 years, the most pointed tongue of Germany, and believes in order to have something achieved. Désirée is among those who needs money most of all.“

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