on Saturday evening, may 16, cancelled due to the raging coronavirus “Eurovision 2020” still light the lights. Sedative pill to swallow for the viewers, Eurofan and the failed contestants from 41 countries will become television show, Shine A Light of Europe (“Europe light”) with the participation of all the contestants and stars of “Eurovision” of yesteryear. Stream “analog” final of “Eurovision 2020” will start at 22:00 Moscow time and will last until midnight.

due to the inability to gather on the same stage and, therefore, lack the necessary conditions for actual competition to the usual voting and telezritelei, and national jury – reversed. But all the participants will enjoy “final”, and all sorts of rankings and surveys, arranged in particular by the “Eurovision” in commemoration of the 65th Performed, presented an amazing surprise, like a triumphant result – Sergey Lazarev, whose europeada twice literally slip out of hands at the previous competitions in 2016 and 2019.

“Uplifting” the name of a two-hour presentation appeals to the song “Love Shine A Light” (“Love radiates”) British winners of the 1997 group Katrina & The Waves, which, as expected, the final show choir will perform all participants in the conventional current mode “udalenka”.

the soloist of the band Katrina Leskanich in turn has managed to remember in a TV interview, as Alla Pugacheva, also dominated in that historic year, the Dublin of his “Diva”, congratulated the happy British victory: “Love, if it is real, always emits light, said Everything ofonarevshy laureate, so you deserved this victory!”.

Love is love, light is light, but after 18 March, a black day eurocylinder, organizers, choking on tears, announced that forced the cancellation of “Eurovision 2020”, suddenly not only collapsed the dreams of all the participants – from favorites to outsiders – challenge lucky dancers-the mockingbirds from Russia Little Big with their knockout 90+ million views of the clip Uno on the official Internet channel of the contest, but many millions Eurofan, scattered not only across Europe, but also worldwide including USA, China, Australia and even India and Saudi Arabia, were orphaned in the blink of an eye.

Not to say that orphaned, but Sagna battered left and Little Big – the most notable of the current favorites, because nepridumannye with enviable, as all of them, creativity merch, all kinds of masochki and stylish with a playful inscription “corUNOvirus” cynically playing the deadly attack and the name of participant, even when it seemed that all would blow over, now left unsold. No need to guess at the deceased in a Bose Vanga to understand what hot pies would fly RAVeselye souvenir in Rotterdam.

However, the future TV show Europe, Shine A Light, albeit only a consolation pill, devoid of the main competitive intrigue is a warm interest not only in the Eurovision audience, United in numerous public and on the forums, but the masses of the global viewers that clearly showed a sociological study commissioned by the European broadcasting Union (EBU) and held not only in Europe but worldwide, where also know and watch Eurovision.

Surprisingly, Russia 72% were in the top most “Eurovision” countries, whose inhabitants “at least once” watched “Eurovision” and know what it is. Just ahead of Sweden (86%), Turkey (82%), Spain (80%), the Netherlands and Poland to 73%. Surprising because, as in any other country, in Russia with the approach of the competition every year explodes with wound album a shrill chorus of “duhovnikov”, a heart-rending verasamy about how alien, hostile and noxious to the great Russian spirit and this shameless europejska fun.

it is also remarkable that the “everymorning” in this list were two countries from the so-called Big five founders of the contest – France with 45%, and Italy with a minimum of 34%, which is confirmed, for example, observations about the old “euroscepticism” of the Italians, who believes that no matter what “Eurovision” is all the same one so clamorously sing and the Nightingale will not prosepect as they, in their razljubish San-Remo.

It is this self-important pomposity became the cause of frequent scandals, when dissatisfied with the results of the competition the country slam the door loudly. Almost like a man. You remember, right? When dissatisfied with “the condemned” ward Lazarev in 2016 the king of pop puffed in their hearts: “my Legs will no longer be on this cowboy’s office!”. Podostyl, however. Again tramples all legs and is a step Performed from year to year, takes into submission.

the Italians, who have, of course, reasons maybe more Lazarevskoye-Kirkorova, the last time a deadly insult already lasted 13 years from 1997 to 2010, although the official was solely due to “the low interest of Italians to the competition.” However, after returning to the family of Eurovision Italy almost every time and Lazarev, were a step away or two from victory. So it was in 2015, with the sweet crossover with boysbands Il Volo, and in the past year with a La rap brutal Mamuda and his critical, on the topic of animal grin of capitalism Soldi song (“Money”, 2nd place), and in the current year: if not for the cancellation of the contest, the candy songster Deodato with sensual romantic smash-hit Fai Rumore was listed in the favorites list, and had what is called a good chance.

As a fun place on the rankings of the favorites this year, all unequallystuffy will indulge solely in the optional format (to show Europe Shine A Light vote will not be), in the above-mentioned study, decided to survey more than 20 thousand respondents from 28 countries on the topic of the best songs of Eurovision of all time, given to the same 65 year anniversary of the contest, which required to fill at least some solemnity and to somehow designate competitive spirit.

it is predictable and fair, as so many times before, the best best seller in the history of Performed in most of the countries where the survey was Waterloo, the song-winner of 1974 in a brilliant performance of the Swedish group ABBA legends (36%).

“Silver” in this global eurocare also went to Sweden – is much newer and also victorious Euphoria (2012) from incendiary skandinavienkai Lauryn.

the list includes also: the iconic Irishman johnny Logan with Hold Me Now (song winner 1987) and the Finnish monsters Lordi with triumphant Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006), when they brought down the light dreams of Dima Bilan and his delegation of high officials – Yana Rudkovskaya and Philip Kirkorov. Bilan two years later took revenge, however, in contrast to the sworn friend Lazarus did not get into solemn anniversary list of “best songs” “Eurovision”. Although also – as a hit? Crooked.

the dissenting opinion in this poll stood out all the same Italy and, of course, Russia. For the Russians (the organizers for greater clarity, segmented data) the best song of Eurovision of all time once again, and became the ballad Scream “eurotrance of” Sergey Lazarev, who finished last year 3rd place in the competition in tel Aviv. Well never had heard anything in all my 65 years, or at least 26, that “Eurovision” show in Russia.

I Must say that the news endlessly amazed even the most Lazareva, he made round eyes live in the Inst Yana Churikova, our unrecommendations, as he considers his highest europastudien (and it actually is, judging by televoting) the room You Are The Only One in the competition 2016 in Stockholm.

the Italians even more predictable the best of the best was named “Volare” performed by Domenico Modugno, who also took 3rd place on old contest 1958, but at least it was a universal hit.

.Despite the cancellation of the competition, the organizers and participants of “Eurovision” came to the preparation of the show Europe Shine A Light, creative and responsible. The rapid activity online, where the pandemic is moved at all the whole cultural life as the rest did not abate for the last two months after a decision to cancel the event.

the Contestants instead of rehearsals and traditional promotorul countries held their parties and songs in the Network, many past participants of “Eurovision” went on the air with home concerts on the official channel “Evrovedenia” on the Internet. To the delight of fans sang their songs, and rehash the already known hits.

Australian DAMI Im inspired delayed Rise Like A Phoenix Conchita Wurst, the current contestant from Italy Deodato quail, of course, his famous compatriot Domenico Modugno Ciao Ciao Bambina with Ukrainian band Go_A shifted into a graceful synth-folk Serdechkin Dancing, etc.

a Great concert – though outside of online unreactivity – arranged in his Instagram and Little Big. They’ve never been sung, but was hard to incendiary and at least scraped the virtual tickets (say, 200 tearfully re from 2 million half-crazed fans) a bit bablosikov budget cracked due to unsold merchandise.

Meanwhile, online were both “semi-final” – may 12 and 14, as it should be to “present” the Eurovision song contest. Live broadcasted the already published songs of the participants – official music videos and performances on national stages. Below – the full video of the first analog semi-finals.

the Contestants were in touch with the fans, entertaining them home quarantine of fun. Swiss Jons (Gjon”s Tears) laugh album grace Jones by enabling Overdrive mode on your vintage record player, and build faces, fun trying to catch the right moment; Greek Stefania detail demonstrated dressy girl’s wardrobe, but he still was hopelessly paler than Mr. Eurovision Philip the First; the Briton John Newman was in the audience of gastric juices, frying in the kitchen appetino cholesterin bacon and eggs and toast… well, in his own way.

and here is the second “semi-final” – full version.

Approximately under the same scheme will be held Saturday and show Europe Shine A Light.

Festivity and solemnity will also give special numbers prepared by the winners of past years: Swedish Mans Zelmerlow (2015), Serbian Marija šerifović (2007), Israeli Gali Atari (1979) and others.

the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish euroclassica graceful exercise of this classic, and to online a sight on distance of special and, presumably, carefully disinfected studios in Rotterdam will be the same star “hosts” that were supposed to entertain the audience on stage Ahoy Arena, including the famous beautiful blogersha-transgender Nicki Tutorials.

So what particularly are invited to view Lord Milon, Vine and other caring Housewives to raise the spiritually uplifting sentiment in light of the above mentioned recent research on a prominent role and a great place Russia on “the Eurovision”.

by the Way, in these studies, clichéd thesis of “Housewives ‘ contest” I found the same indirect evidence: women, lovers of the competition was 6 percent greater�� men. At the same time, who is going to watch today’s show, marked the 45 percent of people under 35 years of age, and we must assume that due to advanced and funny thugs, plasmabeam and calingasta like our Little Big, The Root of Lithuanians, Icelanders og Daði Gagnamagnið and the audience waiting in the actual hype, the upcoming Performed online is preparing a parade of emotions, and for others, a lot of cherished euroseguros of different caliber, weight, colour and taste.