European country refused NATO

Spain refused to help NATO in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, withdrawing your request sent in March. At that time the Iberian Kingdom took more than 1.5 million masks, half a million rapid tests and about 500 ventilators. Spain won less than ten percent requested. However, the authorities consider that the aid they are no longer required because the peak of the epidemic has been passed.

"Spain does not currently require any additional help from NATO," says a letter sent by Madrid in the headquarters of the Alliance.

In Spain it is called "priceless" the support extended to her. Help the Iberian Kingdom were from seven countries. Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Germany sent him a variety of protective materials, disinfectants, equipment.

Spain was the second country that applied in the Euro-Atlantic coordination center for responding to natural disasters. First aid was requested by the Ukraine, which is not even a member of the Alliance. It is worth noting that NATO has no own stocks of medical materials, and this center plays a role of a mailbox between donors and recipients. It was created in 1998 to fight forest fires, consequences of snow and earthquakes and was faced with the pandemic.

It is noteworthy that Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, assisted Spain did it in response to the military support the Spanish fighters patrol the borders of the Baltic countries, and the Spanish teams missile batteries on the border of Turkey and Syria. Other donors have made this decision for other reasons. By the way, Germany in addition to the supply 50 of the ventilator offered to take infected from Spain, but Madrid rejected the proposal.

The US President Donald trump, though, and promised to assist Spain, and have not done so, draws the attention of El Pais. Only Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Latvia managed to obtain from the United States by various means before the crisis erupted in the United States.