the News of last weekend blew Eurovision social networks: the fans of Eurovision gave the quarantine “rerun,” and the new winner of the contest announced, 2008 Ani Lorak, who represented Ukraine, but the real winner Dima Bilan from Russia lowered to 9-th line. “MK” has tried to understand the unexpected new eurorealist with the participants of those events – Philip Kirkorov and Yana Rudkovskaya, who led the “headquarters” of both parties, as well as Ani Lorak, which still believes its loss in 2008-the year of “strange”.

the community of Eurovision fans, who lost in this year’s competition in Rotterdam because of a pandemic of mers not only had numerous “alternative” voting for the participants of the failed competition (which “MK” in detail told on the day of the anticipated Grand finale in may), but given over to isolation and quarantine memories of the good old times. Created online nostalgic thread #EurovisionAgain (Again, “Eurovision”) and began day and night to entertain each other with endless rumor of the past.

Courage grew stronger, and in the night from last Saturday to Sunday was arranged for an incredible feast – not only for collective viewing in a Network the Grand final of the contest “Eurovision 2008”, held in Belgrade, but new online voting, sort of rethinking with the hindsight of historical immutability of the past. The venture was attended by over 3,000 users from many countries of Europe, and their verdict turned out to be extremely controversial. Won Ani Lorak, representing in 2008 with his “Chuck” Philip Kirkorov and his Greek colleagues on the team DreamTeam Ukraine with the song Shady Lady. The “original” of 2008, however, she took 2nd place.

the winner Dima Bilan, who won the first Crystal microphone “Eurovision” for Russia with the song Believe and sweeping the room with the participation of Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and Hungarian violinist Edwin Marton, collapsed at once on eight positions, finishing in 9th place.

the Greek Kalomira with the song Secret Combination was replaced by “bronze” to “silver”, and third place from the 14th rose Icelandic group Euroband with a hit This Is My Life. “Restore justice” and Swede Charlotte Perrelli, which was considered one of the favorites of the competition, but took the 18th place. New vote brought her back in the top five with a hit Hero. The only participant whose score survived the onslaught of time was predstavitelya Armenia Sirusho, retained the fourth position.

It was after the Belgrade Eurovision 2008, a reform of voting and the so-called “professional jury”, which previously was exclusively the reserve, received a 50 per cent quota. Reform explained great discontent mnthe DCM participants televoting (sole voting), which was allegedly “too strong a factor of neighborly voting.” Since then, this “factor” has not disappeared, and sometimes even increased. However, according to informed sources, if the back-up jury that existed prior to 2009 in the format of “just in case”, should have had in 2008, his “half” quota, and even then the result was different. The winner by far would not Bilan or Ani Lorak, but who’s version are different. Often called the Greek Kalomira and to a lesser extent the Armenian Sirusho.

whatever it was, the story was written, and now rewritten once. In connection with the new reality, “MK” rushed to congratulate Philip Kirkorov, who as “superior” and was Ani Lorak with the song Shady Lady “Eurovision 2008” in Belgrade. Philip, of course, react to everything with humor:

I always said that I would take down this “Eurovision”. By hook or by crook, though, so I it’s the Eurovision after all took. And notice what a huge difference in votes (between Bilan and lorac).

Is the so-called “very large effect” when seen from a distance?

– over the years, of course, see things differently. Just as all of a sudden dawned on me that my album “Halophile” is a great album. 20 years later. And even now he looks very avant-garde. And criticized Illini “Christmas meetings” in 1998, where he was the unique scenery went, went, thematic units. And now it is already considered a classic statement in the history of our musical culture, the first real musical.

What happened now: the changing musical preferences in terms of songs and numbers that were provided Bilan and lorac?

I believe that’s the finish. Time passed, passed a lot of competitions, there is nothing to compare, and it became clear that the performance Lorak was really enchanting. See, it’s ironic that I came for Ukraine and Russia has won, and in 2016-m came from Russia, with Lazarev, Ukraine became the first (Jamal with a song “1944”, – approx. “MK”). But, if in the case of Sergei is one story, with Lorak was insulting in the extreme, because she was a clear winner.

to review the Dima Bilan failed, but for him and for myself answered Yana Rudkovskaya, which was the actual brain and the engine of both Belanovsky of europahotel in 2006 and 2008, Ms. producer was configured less playful than the book:

– I think it’s stupid, to be honest. To rewrite history, as we know, is a thankless task. Of course, I’m delighted for Philip and Caroline (real name Ani Lorak – approx. the “MK”), congratulate them. And yet three thousand fans is ne tens of millions of viewers who watch the annual “Eurovision”. At that moment, it was all very fresh, cool – I mean our room Believe. It is clear that the main struggle was between Bilan and lorac, but at the moment we won. We all remember this room – Dima, Eugene, Edwin – the unique nature and form. After that, many tried to “splagiatit” our chips – and the violin, and ballet, we remember, but “splagiatit” skating was impossible.

Ani Lorak was configured primeralinea all, although believes still that its defeat looked strange:

– So unexpectedly. I have the census at the news, thanked all the fans. I am pleased that so many years later and those who were watching (Eurovision) then and the new generation has chosen today, the winner for himself, and that winner was me.

– I Think that justice was served?

– actually, all of us, our entire team felt myself and then winners. How else? Otherwise, there is no need to do it, if you don’t believe in their victory. So now I have the feeling that all was not in vain. We just tried so hard, we paid a huge price with their work. It’s not only me, but big team, and Philip and Elias (Kokotos, producer – ed. “MK”), and Phocas (Evangeline), which put the number. Fans of the “Eurovision” was just made and handed down my arms. And the press was positive. And in the semi-final, I know that televoting I was in the first place, we were sure that the finale is behind us, and suddenly in the finals somehow became second place. For all of us it was a surprise. Of course, upset. So now, after so many years still nice.

What do you say now Dima Bilan?

I don’t think that by someone we should be happy And Dima, of course, well done. I would once again like to avoid collisions. God forbid! I least want it. I believe that art is not a sport. Dima I respect, admire his talent. Just because this situation turned out that we’d pushed each other.

don’t you think to try again “Eurovision” to the tooth?

– For me it is history and a pleasant recollection of that period of my life. I don’t have it, like Philip, this disease and very glad that I didn’t catch it. There are other fields where you can exert your efforts.

– And that they vspuchivaetsja now?

– Working on a new album, looking for a style for a song, want to please the fans. Still, I have a range that allows you to use many different colors. Want me to surprise people with something new, interesting, unleash your talent. I think I still haven’t solved them all. Is, where to develop itself first and foremost. So I want to continue to please their fans.