Margrethe Vestager (51), EU-Commissioner for competition, said in an interview with the Financial Times that the EU should buy the member States shares in companies, to the threat of Chinese Acquisitions to counteract.

Verstagers warning occurs at a time when the EU is preparing plans to protect their businesses in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

“We have no problems with States will occur, if necessary, as a market participant, if you put the shares in a company ready, if you want to prevent such a Takeover,” said Vestager, the financial newspaper.

the EU wants Chinese Acquisitions under binding

“It is very important that one is aware that there is a real risk that vulnerable companies can be the subject of a Takeover,” added Verstager. “The Situation highlights the real need that we are working really hard.”

According to research conducted by the news Agency “Bloomberg” China has taken over in Europe, around 360 companies, including the name of Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli to the Irish aircraft-leasing company Avalon.

According to the daily newspaper “La Repubblica” in Italy alone, around 200 companies in the Chinese Hand, while China’s Central Bank shares in several Italian blue-chip companies, including Fiat Chrysler, Telecom Italia, insurer Generali and the energy supplier, Eni.

Swiss fear of a “sellout of the industry”

Chinese companies have also partly or completely at least four airports, six seaports, and wind farms in at least nine European countries. In addition to more than a dozen professional football teams.

In Switzerland, has taken over the state-controlled Chinese Chem China in the year 2016 for $ 43 billion of the chemical giant Syngenta. The tradition took Acid and Sigg are now Chinese. As far as the Federal government related sales declined checks, although “resistance to the impending sale of the Swiss industry encourages” as “SRF” reported: “the Acquisition of the aircraft ground handler, Swissport, or of the Swiss Education Group, the Federation of the Swiss hotel and business schools by the Chinese, was in many places a rating of critical.”

in China, it is said, wants to be by 2025, the world market leader in the field of High-Tech. To implement this strategy, the government since a long time on a big shopping tour in European countries. The Corona-crisis caused the value loss of a great European name of this shopping could help tour to new momentum.

company sales by means of Corona-economic collapse?

other authorities in Europe seem to be increasingly concerned that foreign investors wide hostile Takeover bids for the acquisition of companies in strategic sectors. “Low share prices represent an opportunity for companies, mergers and restructuring,” said Guntram Wolff, Director of Brussels-based economic Think-tank Bruegel, the “German wave”.

“The Corona-crisis is likely to reinforce the tendency of state-owned economic operators to invest strategically in critical and future sectors of the European economies,” said the “Deutsche Welle” also Jonathan Hackenbroich by the European Council for foreign relations (ECFR).

“Now, where everyone is vying for money from the outside, betting, companies could buy and Know-how and capacities in critical sectors for the Future of Europe will be transferred to China or the United States or other countries”, Hackenbroich. (kes)