Actor Yegor Barinov was from the age of five, thanks to his father – actor Valery Barinov, who took son to the set. Starring in hundreds of TV shows from “Carmelita” and “Truck” to “Daddy’s daughters” and “Kadetstvo”, Yegor took up direction, where the acting profession it is very helpful. In the movie “to Take Tarantino”, he played Tarantino, who is so similar that people get lost in surprise, as it was a year ago at the Cannes film festival. There Egor was represented by the film Larissa Sadilova “Once in Trubchevsk”, and the effect Tarantino worked one hundred percent. Someone still probably recalls a fleeting encounter with the “great and terrible” Director, not knowing that it was the Russian actor. Egor Barinov has told “MK” about why mastered directing the thing about going to Cannes, their parents and children.

– something you acting career is clearly not enough, once he entered the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors?

I got into acting a certain niche, and I began to offer about the same role. Perhaps this is my fault: wrong build a career, I took any job because I had to support a family. I had an old dream to go into directing, but was stopped by a large number of actors work. When it was less, I went for the Higher courses, and along with this has come confidence and a different understanding of cinema. When you work as a artist, you are used as paint, and you’re not inside movie. I was five years old. I have more than 150 movies, TV series and soap stories, is that pornography is not. And once enrolled in the advanced directing courses, felt inside the movie.

who attended?

– Vladimir Hotinenko. Did the short film, although my master said that it would be difficult to find an actress for the lead role. But I at that time had a wife, she played. I spent a lot of money on the production, filmed his own money. Was a good defense, and some of the producers offered to do a full meter, but we found no funding. Series in Moscow, with no experience I was afraid to give, and I went to Peter. Showed there his thesis film, and had the opportunity to work. To me it is easier to gain respect and trust than a more aggressive Moscow.

There you as a guest, and the guest a different attitude.

– For creativity there’s a more interesting atmosphere. Perhaps this perception is due to the fact that my mother was from Peter, and I to the warehouse in a greater degree the St. Petersburg people. There I started dressing differently. Of course, I wanted to impress women, will not go, sitting in the subconscious. I noticed that Peter, the architecture and atmosphere of the city encourages people to care more about its external image, they have more Fantas��I.

“My mom Tarkovsky tried to “Mirror”

– But you probably don’t about the series wanted?

– I had a family, and I had to earn money. The directing profession feeds me and my children. There are a few ideas that I’m developing. It is necessary to decide on the scenario to move towards a full meter. I do not think that spent on television series of time. It was a serious experience. Will I have found, taking up directing. You have to fire someone, if the person can not cope, and then people are starting to realize that my outer softness.

do you ever go on set?

– I was more comfortable when called by name. But many actors, even older than me, referred to by name and patronymic. I can understand them. Me as an artist too important to standing behind the camera man was reputable. I have to trust him. I have encountered a misunderstanding on the part of the Director, ran into cruelty. But the artist must play, and for that he should be in a good mood. He opened as a child. Serial products are not so flat, there is an opportunity for growth. If the Directors and producers of chasing a specific invoice, that the artist is shallow. Bad games in the series enough, when the script is written contrary to human nature, and the artist trying to cover all the loopholes. I understand that all work in hard production conditions, and if the artist has no skill, he looks like an idiot. Always listen to the actors. When you trust others, they feel part of the creative process and work brighter.

father I consult?

– Yes, but lately he has become very careful in the advice. Strangers we adequately appreciate, and the native person sometimes recommend what you need. I try not to hurt advice for their children. My father had a lot of theatrical experience. For him it’s a breeding ground. I only have one play, and the nutrient medium stage direction.

Oryol breed, coming from the father, makes itself felt?

– Orel energy conquest of the city, the father is definitely there. She motivates them. If it was not, he would not have arrived in Moscow and would have achieved nothing. I, too, that a child faced when he was on holiday in Orel, then in St. Petersburg with two of my grandparents, and lived there with completely different people. In the eagle I was friends with the guys whose parents worked at the plant, and Peter around was the intelligentsia. This gave flexibility in communication.

know nothing about your mother.

– Parents divorced when I was seven years old. My father has another family, and I have a half-sister Sasha. We have a good relationship. Now mom’s health is not very good. Several years ago, she stood on a stool, upAla and broke his leg. Now moves with difficulty and lost heart. This mother is absolutely St. Petersburg man who was susceptible to trouble, prone to doubt and defenseless. She was very beautiful. Her father and my grandfather worked in the trade, and mom could afford to let a lot, went skiing in Dombai. She graduated from the Institute of culture, was engaged in direction of mass opinion, was the artistic Director of DK MAI, appeared in episodes of “the captivating Star of happiness”. Its Tarkovsky tried to “Mirror”. Dad, unlike mom, were more prepared for the harsh circumstances of life. I draw a lot and from one parent and from the other. Father of profession gave me the most, but it was not direct things. Anatoly Vasiliev precisely formulated: the knowledge is not transferable, they can only steal, prompting the person something to tell you.

You’re childhood in the theatre and on set?

– my Father in five years has led to the “Mosfilm”, in six years – in the Theatre of the Russian Army. He initially saw the artist in me. I myself grow up three daughters. I see one of them standing to pursue an acting profession, and who does not. My middle daughter really wants to do, which is not surprising, as all grandparents, father, mother impregnated acting profession. She’s almost seven, and she is like a ship that will break all the way to howl. Senior – 12. She has a good memory is a fantasy, but in the acting profession I’d advise her not to go. In our case we need powerful motivation to take place. Youngest daughter is five years old. She is beautiful, and the eyes languishing. For me my profession has always been in the first place. Maybe that’s why family life don’t always work out.

“Coming to Cannes, I went out in the morning for Breakfast and almost cried”

You give the impression of a man with a gentle soul, and play characters with negative charisma, bandits.

– it’s easy for Me to leave what I have in my life, and exist in the harsh, brutal manner. Probably, so compensate for the lack of some qualities in life. While on the site, when I have responsibility, are sharp and aggressive. Larisa Sadilova were able to pull out another charm, which I have in my life. I sometimes say, playing villains, but in real life make a good impression.

Valery Alexandrovich, too, is there.

– This is due to the structure of the face. When I starred in “Nanjing landscape” Valery Rubinchik, operator Victor Shestoperov explained to me: look up to you when you sit in front of the camera, and the look askance is obtained, it becomes a little uncomfortable. The father is absolutely the same story. The camera suddenly captures the severity. I can be very dangerous, very unpleasant, or, in��in, soft on the screen, and the middle is really hard for me. Only now I began to understand that I can as an artist, and what better not to touch. With experience comes the understanding of what you expressive, and what is not.

– I See that in the days of quarantine you remember the trip to the Cannes film festival, post pictures in social networks.

– It was such a euphoria that sucked a lot of energy, but you don’t want it to end. Comes the unexpected success, the problem starts with sleep. I bought his St. Petersburg group a bunch of caps, spent a lot of money on Souvenirs, because I wanted to prolong this feeling. Arriving in Cannes, I went out in the morning for Breakfast and almost cried. After that we had to go through in this life how many UPS and downs to survive to be in the main film festival to walk the red carpet. Work with Larisa Sadilova the painting “One day in Trubchevsk” was out of the ordinary. It was from the individuality of the artist, and it was an absolute creativity. Larissa I like the fact that making a movie about human nature. I understand why this woman in this place like this man. In this space she was the Queen, and feels her feminine power. I came to Larisa from St. Petersburg already with directing experience. Actors sometimes behave like children who do not understand that parents can be a problem. Director work requires speed in decision-making.

– Remember in Cannes the rare moments when the red carpet starts dancing resentment classic Finnish Aki Kaurismaki, when one of the stars is Bouncing to the heavens. You were also in shock.

I then watched the video. The feeling is that I got a little crazy. I was completely sober, but emotions were running high. I stood on that same balcony, which is many times seen in the photos. Responsible for security officer asked: “are you all right?” I said, “basically, not really.” Go to the Cannes film festival, and all that was squashed inside, suddenly disclosed, and nothing can be done.