Empty the chamber as a reward As doctors in China worked in the red zone

MOSCOW, 12 April/ Radio Sputnik. The health care provider of the hospital Department the sixth Department specialized infectious hospitals Josenian Ming Chen in his article for the CIIC spoke about the two months spent in the “red zone”.

“red zone” in the hospital called the infectious Department where to deliver patients in critical and serious condition.

Now, according to Ming, once overflowing with patients with coronavirus infection chambers became empty. Woman shared how they put an old married couple. The man was weakening, his wife volnovalas. The medic managed to find a room of the son of men so they could talk. But soon as the sick began to deteriorate, and he died. His son thanked the medic for his work and for the hard work.

in addition, Ming remembered the episode as one of the patients told me that he has a birthday coming up and he really wants to drink Cola. Together with a colleague, a woman brought him not only drink, but also various snacks.

“the Guy was so happy because did not expect that accidentally uttered the phrase we take very seriously”, she said.

the Patient called the birthday special and memorable. He hopes that the hospital will be home soon and be reunited with their loved ones.

Another patient with Alzheimer’s could not remember how to eat properly, because of this she was fed. One day the woman asked Ming if she dined.

“Such a simple phrase, which greatly excited me. I started to cry and then to laugh. After so many days and nights grandma still remembered me, what could be nicer than that?” – said the medic.

Ming stressed that the empty chamber is the largest award for medical personnel.

“I hate this epidemic, but are proud to have participated in combat,” explained the medic.

In her opinion, people cope with all difficulties with love, warmth and responsibility.

“This spring will always remain in my memory!” – summed min.

According to the latest who data, in the world at least 1.6 million cases, more than 99 thousand of them died.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the world has infected more than 1.77 million people, of whom 108 died 902, 404 patients recovered.

the Greatest number of victims in the United States. Died there 20 508. Next come Italy, Spain, France, UK, Iran, Belgium and China.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the epidemiologist pointed out, when the world will come a “breaking point” of the pandemic.

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