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In Moscow for the day issued 3.2 million digital gaps, enabling them to move around the city by car or public transport. With about 900 thousand of them will be cancelled
In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the fact of publication of false information about the outbreak of coronavirus among cadets and officers. We are talking about a community "Ombudsman of the police", it opened on its administrator
The Prosecutor General instructed the prosecutors of regions to monitor the use of budget funds allocated to combat coronavirus. The main task - to prevent misuse of money and especially of their theft
In Moscow will introduce a unified system of admissions. About this at the meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation reported to the President, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin
Moscow drivers are moving around the city without a pass will be fined 5 thousand rubles, said the speaker of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. In case of a single violation of a car to evacuate will not be
For Saturday in the capital composed 1358 protocols of Muscovites, who kept social distance. This measure was applied to those who used to gather in groups or was on the street without probable cause
MIA and Regardie instructed to take additional measures to comply with quarantine Russians returning from countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation. Such an order following the meeting, signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
Police in the capital received the right to prosecute for violations of the regime of self-isolation. The agreement between the interior Ministry and the Moscow government approved the decree of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
The chief of police in the Vladimir region near the bar beat the man. The incident was filmed on camera phones, and video hit the net. Despite the scandal and publicity in a criminal case the victim refused
In the capital fined seven people with confirmed coronavirus, violating the isolation. This was announced by the Union of administrative technical inspections of the city. Violators were fined and placed in observation centres
The Prosecutor General's office has sent another requirement in Roskomnadzor about blocking in a Network of fake news about the coronavirus. False information was discovered in the five regions
The draft Procedural code of administrative offences will help to solve the problem of the correspondence of the punishment of offenders. So, citizens will be invited to the proceedings via the portal of state services
In St. Petersburg, police opened the attack on the courier. Attackers with a gun took his order and disappeared. They initiated administrative proceedings for petty hooliganism
Before the police is not to arrest people who violate the regime of self-isolation, said GU MVD in Moscow. At the same time, citizens who violate the requirements of the staff of the CPS, the police will be held accountable
In Murmansk is liquidated, the member of the banned terrorist group, who was going to organize a terrorist attack. None of the operational staff and civilians were not injured
Technical infrastructure of the capital is ready to launch a smart system of monitoring compliance with the rules of self-isolation. But, as stated in the government of Moscow, at the moment its implementation is not required
In St. Petersburg opened the first in Russia a criminal case for fakes about the coronavirus in social networks. The article provides for responsibility for dissemination of false information about situations that threaten the life and security of citizens
Passport under the regime of self-isolation needs to carry every resident of Moscow. This was stated by the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. He stressed that the registration address with the actual place of residence to verify nobody will
Russian security forces have prevented attacks that the militants were preparing in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district and in the Stavropol region. The criminals were planning attacks on police officers and attacks in places of mass stay of people
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a law providing for penalties for violation of the regime of self-isolation. For a single violation the guilty will pay four thousand rubles, for the re - five thousand
In several regions of the country state office of public Prosecutor recorded fake messages from the media and users of social networks about the alleged increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus. Information on all cases sent to Roskomnadzor
In the coming days, Moscow will launch a mobile app "Social monitoring" for patients COVID-19, receiving treatment at home. The program is designed primarily for law enforcement. Read more about it in the article "WG"
In Russia 1250 drawn up protocols on administrative offences in respect of nationals who committed violations of the law which violated the prescribed isolation mode. This was told in the interior Ministry of Russia. For leaving the premises violators are attracted to three compounds Cao
The police began to circulate among foreign nationals memo on how to behave in order to protect health and not to infect others. At the same time, the foreigners were reminded that they can prolong your stay in Russia
Criminal liability threatens only for violation of the quarantine, not isolation, he explained to the police. Quarantine is prescribed to those who have returned from countries with poor epidemiological situation or who have symptoms COVID-19, and the regime of isolation - all the rest
Quarantine imposed in Moscow and the Moscow region, caused a series of rumors and fears. For example, will not remain defenseless, empty cottages whose owners have isolated themselves in their apartments. About it "RG" talked with a representative of Regardie Valery Gribakina
Moscow authorities explained, is it possible to travel in Moscow oblast under conditions of quarantine, how to determine which store is nearest and how to use public transport. The answers to the main questions
In Vladivostok, escaped from the hospital a couple who came from Israel. They were sent into quarantine with symptoms of the disease coronavirus infection. Now their data is handed over to the police
In the suburban Chapter of the interior to establish what kind of police misinformed the residents of the Moscow region about a supposed introduction in the region of the curfew. The police was supposed to inform people only of the necessity of adherence to isolation
The RF IC in the Chelyabinsk region opened a criminal case on the fact of explosion of gas in Magnitogorsk and the death of two people. A child injured in an emergency, in a serious condition hospitalized in children's hospital with multiple burns
Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has disposed to create special group which will deal with the fake news.
In the Sverdlovsk region rescued the lovers of winter fishing. On an ice floe the size of half a square meter in the Beloyarskiy reservoir were more than 350 people
A passenger plane EN route from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Yuzhno-Kurilsk, forced back to the point of departure. On Board the aircraft were 38 passengers and four crew members. The causes of PE are still unknown
Head SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has decided to establish a working group on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. The purpose of monitoring the health of Agency staff and ensuring their protection and disinfection
The General Prosecutor's office sent to Roskomnadzor eight demands to restrict access to unreliable information about the situation with coronavirus in Russia. Disseminated false information infringes on public order, said the Agency
As part of the prevention of the spread of coronavirus Yekaterinburg metro began to process more thoroughly than before. In the course are gantry washers, knapsack sprayers, high pressure machines
The inhabitant of the Amur region will appear before court for spreading false information about the coronavirus. The woman spread false information that two foreign builders local plant allegedly found threat infection
Director of Regardie army General Viktor Zolotov in an interview "RG" told about the transition to electronic documents for the issuance of permits and licenses for the use of weapons. "You get one plastic card," he said
Russia plans to install almost complete ban on the production of decommissioned weapons, as well as on its resale and donation. About it in exclusive interview "RG" told the Director of Regardie army General Viktor Zolotov
The possibility of simplifying the rules of circulation of civilian weapons in Russia may again be the subject of discussion concerned departments. It is connected with the renewed revision of mandatory requirements for business
To pass the test on a polygraph it is not necessary to connect wires to the computer. Modern Russian technologies allow to do it on the normal phone. In Moscow presented a revolutionary platform "151EYE", which is already helping SK in the work
At the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo safely landed a passenger plane A320 from Vladivostok. The same anonymous messages in droves today are with other Russian airports.
Passenger liner A-320 was carrying out flight Moscow - Omsk, landed safely at the destination airport. Only when the plane gained altitude, I received an anonymous message about the mining side
Passenger airliner taking off from Novosibirsk to Moscow, returned to Tolmachevo airport after triggering the sensor to malfunction. Onboard there were 97 passengers and six crew members
A plane flying from Chelyabinsk to Moscow made an unscheduled landing in Kazan. The reason was the sharp deterioration of health of one of the passengers: he had a heart attack
In the Metropolitan police, confirmed that foreign nationals who violate the prescribed rules of quarantine, deported from the country. Decisions on administrative expulsion take capital courts
To prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the long-distance trains offer in the Main Department of transport Ministry of Russia. "As a result of drinking alcohol in the dining cars last year there were more than 8 thousand crimes," said Lieutenant-General of police Dmitry Sharabarov
To prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the long-distance trains offer in the Main Department of transport Ministry of Russia. As the result of drinking alcohol in the dining cars last year there were more than 8 thousand crimes
To supply conductors in trains and flight attendants in the aircraft video recorders offered in the Main Department of transport Ministry of Russia.
The Supreme court reviewed the case of a widow, who said their rights to contributions to the Pension Fund of the deceased husband. By law, if the person died before retirement, the next-of-kin can obtain its accumulation. However, the regional court agreed with the plaintiff

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