the Capital’s employers can test employees for antibodies to coronavirus infection. To do CLIA-tests in the clinic, and work with medical outreach teams.

to perform a test, the employer selects the medical organizations on the map. There is a phone number on which you can find the necessary information at the conclusion of the contract. Then you need to send the relevant documents.

the Place where to conduct tests (on-premises or in the clinic), also chooses the employer. Date and time can be discussed with the staff of the clinic.

If you select clinic, staff will have to arrive there exactly at the appointed time. Must bring passport and medical insurance. At the inlet measures the temperature, will be given masks, Shoe covers and send to the zone of registration of documents. If testing will be conducted on the premises, at the appointed time to arrive at the place the medical team. The blood will take after filling in all the required documents.

the Results will appear within three days in the electronic medical record. In addition, each organization will choose a responsible employee, who will also receive access to the results, if it agrees to other employees.

In the program can participate not only in urban clinics.

“This project is a public and private medical organizations that want to participate. For this you have to apply on the website of the Department of health,” — said Anastasia Rakova.

If the employer will choose private medical organization, you will need to agree on the procedure of drawing blood.

CLIA test is a laboratory blood from the vein, which identifies immunity to the virus. The analysis shows the number of IgM and IgG antibodies. Immunoglobulin M talking about the fact that people are now sick with coronavirus, and immunoglobulin G that the man has been ill and he has antibodies to the virus.

Today, everyone is welcome to be tested for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19. To do the test in 30 clinics by appointment. Preparation for blood donation is not needed.

More about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease can be learn by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily from 08:00 to 21:00), as well as in special projects