Elon Musk gave advice to Russian engineers

American entrepreneur Elon Musk believes that Russian specialists would have to develop launch vehicles that can be reused. This opinion he expressed on Saturday in the Twitter.

"Russia’s very talented engineers, but you need to their goal was a reusable application [rockets], or success is impossible" – wrote Musk. In another message on the social network, he said: "In the future disposable boosters are the same strange phenomenon, what would today disposable aircraft. Everything can be used again".

The entrepreneur also wrote that he believes a good project "Baikal" on the development of reusable accelerator first-stage rockets "Hangar". He posted a link to a page about this project in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

On Friday, Musk wrote on Twitter that the rockets headed SpaceX are 80% reusable, and Russian are not intended for reuse. The General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, in response, wrote in the social network, "All possible solutions of problematic issues of our aerospace industry was received during the meeting with the President of Russia. In the instructions from Washington Roscosmos doesn’t need". He also said: "this the cynicism and hypocrisy of our opponents. Instead of fair competition in the market of space launches, they lobby against us sanctions, and with impunity use the dumping. And when asked about the real price of launch services, blush and instead of trying to bring the shadow of the fence".

Previously Rogozin said that Roscosmos will reduce the cost of launch services by more than 30%, to increase the presence in international markets and in response to dumping by U.S. companies. According to him, the cost reduction will come from reducing non-productive costs and improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise.