Elliot Page takes a moment to take a picture on Instagram.

Page, who had gender-affirming surgery last year before coming out publicly, posted a shirtless mirror selfie to Instagram Sunday, November 28. While taking the mirror selfie, Page wore simple black sweatpants and a simple chain which hung over his chest.

In the caption, the actor wrote, “Oh good, my new phone works.”

Celebrities and fans of “Juno”, including Page, praised the actor for taking the picture.

“Get it bro! One person commented, “I have never seen you stand so tall.” You have much to be proud of.

A fan wrote a congratulatory note for Page, just days before the one-year anniversary. It read, “ELLLIIIIOOOOTTTT!” You are amazing! You look amazing! Happy almost one year since you were born!”


Another commentator said, “Elliot Page thirst trap!” It is my goal! Your confidence is a beautiful thing and I love it!

Page, whose pronouns were he/they posted his first milestone moment earlier in the year after coming out by posting a shirtless photo to Instagram towards the end of May. This photo was taken after Page had undergone top surgery and documented his first swim in men’s swim trunks. It also marked Page’s first public topless photo.

He captioned the photo, saying “Trans bb” and adding the hashtags “#transjoy #transisbeautiful.”

The 34-year old actor was transgender last December. He wrote an emotional letter to Instagram sharing the news. After coming out, received a flood of support and thanked his fans for their support just days before Christmas. He called their love “the most precious gift”.

Page spoke out to Times magazine in March about his decision to come out and to have the chance of “fully becoming” himself. His current state is described as “This feeling, which is a mixture of excitement, deep gratitude, and a lot fear and anxiety, to have reached this point in life.”

In an interview for the Oprah Conversations series, spoke with Oprah Winfrey about his coming out process and what aspects brought him joy. Page became emotional while answering Winfrey’s questions.

Winfrey told him that it’s the small things. He said, “It’s all the little things… getting out the shower with the towel around your waist, and you’re looking in the mirror, and you’re like, There I am.'” “And I’m not panicking at the moment.”

He tried to express his feelings, but he couldn’t. It’s feeling able to touch my chest, and being comfortable in my own body, probably for first time.