Families, please Stay in your room.’ It was Every Before to never been a better time to fall: she’s just moved into a new house in the city, is in full uitpakmodus. For the rest of her time is spent, they with the children, Cruz (11) Girls (10). Every other week they live with the ex-husband Jelle Van Damme. “We are co-parenting is great. Just now, we must rely on each other.”

Co to(fear of) shared parenting: a lot of divorced couples to stand in front of it. Also, Any Before and for a football player, Jelle Van Damme. After trying to get the wrecked marriage, a new life, it was decided to the couple in the fall of 2019 at the latest, to each other, then finally let go. Lei Clijsters’ daughter – is a golden one with the heart on his sleeve – didn’t throw in the towel. They have built a new house in the Square. “I have to move all the way alleengedaan. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself.”

will Move into a full coronatijd was a blessing in disguise?

The move had been long planned. My contract came to an end. But I have found that the timing is quite good, yes. Because I don’t work – I’ll work for a few months at a clothing store, and as such, it was time to pack up, move out and clean up. I’m non-stop busy. My hands are on the Dettol. (laughs)”.

And a few helping hands’), perhaps?

“No! In addition to the verhuismannen, though, I was a bit afraid of it. However, they were wearing masks and gloves, and loved them from a distance. I am very happy that everything was successful, that it has been moved and we are now able to settle down. I have my share of how do you plan to pull. But at times like this, you won’t miss, of course, all of the people on whom you normally rely on.”