users of the mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO” received full access to information about your health — all the information from the electronic medical records now available on your smartphone. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development. Muscovites can get acquainted with the protocols of the examinations of doctors from 2017, the results of laboratory tests in 2019, the results of CT, MRI, fluoroscopy and other research tools from 2020, extracts from hospitals from 2019 and with the data of the vaccination card of the child.

Medical records from a mobile app, you can download and send e-mail or via instant messengers. It is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Through a mobile application Muscovites can make an appointment to see the doctor and laboratory research on the subject, view your prescriptions and records professionals, as well as cancel and transfer them. Users have the possibility to configure notifications about upcoming doctor’s visits, so you’ll never forget about the reception, as well as to enable notification about the opening of the specialist to select a convenient date and time. Coupon to print is simple: open the record in app. In addition, with the app you can monitor key health indicators.

To get data from Apple Health and Google Fit automatically upload to electronic medical records, sufficient to establish special mobile application “SYSTEM connect”. It is also available in the App Store and Google Play. With Apple Health and Google Fit integrated hundreds of smart gadgets like scales, blood pressure monitors, glucometers and more. Data with the patient’s consent can now be available to the doctor in real time.

In later via the mobile app, citizens will be able to download a variety of medical documents in an electronic map.

All personal information and medical patient data is well protected. To gain access to the electronic medical record, the user need to confirm his identity. In addition, whenever you log in to EHR user receives a one-time password to your mobile phone. Access to e-medkart children get parents, whose relationship was officially confirmed on

the Digitalization and personal approach: how to develop the Moscow Zdravookhraneniye clinics, the establishment of cancer centres and the standard of furnishing drugs: how to develop Metropolitan medicine

in order to get into the category of “medical Records” in mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO”, the user must be over the age of 15, to have the Moscow insurance and the main thing — to make access to the electronic medical record on the portal On you need to open section “Catalog of services” to go under “Health”, choose the tab “Request, change and remove access to the electronic medical record” and click on “Get service”. Then you need to fill out an application by following the instructions. To gain access to maps of children parents must submit a separate application on the portal After the application for access to the electronic medical record is provided within five working days. Download the mobile app “SYSTEM.INFO” and “SYSTEM connect” in Google Play or App Store. For correct operation of mobile apps need to monitor their timely updating.

the Service was developed by the Department of health, the Committee of public services and the Department of information technology.