In Peterhof began shooting the film in VR format on little-known episodes from the life of Empress Catherine II at Oranienbaum. Among the initiators of the project – the State Museum-reserve “Peterhof”. Starring Ekaterina Guseva, for which this is not the first meeting with Catherine II. Now the actress will have to usurp the Palace and gardens, to believe that all this belongs to her.

Director Michael Antykov and the whole group except for within the frame of the actors in masks. Given that the days are hot and the action takes place in the 18th century, and the costumes fit the era, you can all just sympathize. After 250 years from the date of actual events, viewers will be able to go with Catherine II through the halls of the Chinese Palace, called her precious toy, and which embodied her imagination. The heroine Ekaterina Guseva’ll talk about the major events of his life, and we promise the chance to observe her reaction to modernity.

in order to achieve the absolute effect of immersion in the historical era, the film is created in VR-technology with 360-degree shooting. Everyone in the audience, wearing sunglasses, can feel like a participant in the events.

the filmmakers are appealing to the saying of the historian and archaeographer Lev Kavelin (Archimandrite Leonid) about Catherine and the years spent by her in Oranienbaum: “Here made it to the great science of public administration!” In Oranienbaum was formed, the priorities of the future Empress.

Ekaterina Guseva has played Catherine I in “Tobol”, but she started with Catherine II in the musical “Graf Orlov”, which went on for four years. As told “MK”, the actress, she’s there “to stick with her character tried on the crown of the Russian Empire.” However, resemblance is not, but it makes the actor’s task even more interesting, leads to deep inner immersion.

For Yekaterina Guseva is the first experience in VR project. Interestingly, she herself does not call Catherine – “it’s too high”. The first letter intentionally omits, and it turns out Katerina. Here’s what the actress spoke about her new “Royal” roles:

– At some point I even became afraid of his name, beginning to delete the first letter “E”. Text very much. I’m busy studying it. It is very tasty, convex. I need to make it his own, add a slight accent. I tried to create a personal, unobtrusive figure of speech of Catherine – German women who have mastered the Russian language and not only. It is necessary to believe that everything around is mine, and refers to it not as Museum objects, but as to their stuff. I need to usurp the Palace and the Park. Very interesting problem! I’m thankful that I’m here I got this role. Unforgettable for life event. HoCATSA to create a bright image. The viewer will get acquainted with a young Catherine. It is different: and the wise and subtle-minded, and able to make decisions, and amorous. I wish it turned out in the film, angry, giggly, smart, powerful. We have the opportunity to study her letters, we see her portraits.

Until recently, I could not imagine how actors can be involved in a VR movie that is not only a toy, but also the opportunity to dive in the actual events of the past. It is possible to tell about historical events honestly and competently. Our project is a fantasy, but at the same time there is attempt at documentary precision. We do not shoot in the halls, not in the decorations and in the garden, which Catherine herself is divorced, the places remember. From the entire group and, above all, from me, requires precision. But the camera sees all-around like a dragonfly. It shall not escape. Viewers everywhere. This requires from actors and the entire team to maximum concentration.

in Addition to Ekaterina Guseva in the picture removed: Dmitri Vorobiev in the role of Antonio Rinaldi, Kupriyanova Jeanne – Marie de Montpellier, Irina Morozova -guide, Oleg Usenko – gardener Lamberti.

“Each of us thought about what will happen in a few hundred years where we are now, and that is the opportunity we provide to Catherine the great in our movie video format 360. After going through the most difficult times, fantastic Chinese Palace and surrounding Park has maintained the original look and feel of the fairy world, which originally wanted to create Catherine the Great. Virtual reality technology allows viewers to see 360 what is already there” – says the film Director Michael Antykov.

presentation of the VR-movie will be held at the International cultural forum in St. Petersburg in November. And then it can be seen in the Museum-reserve “Peterhof”.