After attorney Michael Ephraim on behalf of his client did zayavleniethat he’s just an actor, a clown, to politics and the opposition is irrelevant, reciting a poem, without thinking to whom they are directed, in a creative environment was a shock. People who thought Ephraim a mouthpiece of progressive ideas, did not believe in the truth of these words. We have discussed this situation with poet and playwright Vadim Zhuk, who writes poetry on the topic of the day and is well versed in the sensitivities inherent in a creative environment.

– How do you assess the statement by Mikhail Efremov?

– Maybe I’ll surprise you, but I think that is a logical explanation. I don’t know how it comes from Misha, and how from his lawyer that manages this. We make the actors too excessive demands, forgetting that their profession is acting, creating and changing images.

In 1919 the red army when they showed the performances, and it could be Spanish or German drama, shot bad guys, dropped the rifle off my shoulder to shoot, identifying to give way to him. What is it? Smoktunovsky plays hamlet noble, and then – villain in “the Night visitor”, the Golovleva Judas in the play by Saltykov-Shchedrin. Both he does brilliantly. But where is he real? He is the same villain or the hero?

At the time, Sergei Bezrukov great participated in the program “Dolls”, Victor Shenderovich. He has an excellent ability to mimic. What is he now? It turns out what they were playing? It can be approached and ask, “What are you doing?”. And he said: “I played, I was paid money for it”.

I don’t really like. I would like to in some fundamental things, the actor coincides with what he is doing. But if he is not, not going to throw stones, because I know that this is the essence of the acting profession. Offered the role, and the actor says he won’t play it because it contradicts his beliefs.

Mikhail Efremov beliefs, I believe, is quite unsteady. You can, so that way, which is also typical of a profession that I respect and love, even some wing to touch her.

Big mistake to identify the actor that he plays. Otherwise there will be confusion and rejection. I am very sympathetic heroes, Vladimir Mashkov, but it saddens me that what was happening to him. For many years I’ve been friends with Mikhail Boyarsky, love him romantic heroes. What Misha says, as far as it is servile in relation to power, it annoys me, but it does not prevent to perceive him as a romantic hero because of their beautiful And��RAET. Same with Mikhail Olegovich Yefremov. His confession, to a certain extent, does him honor. Here are my strange thoughts.

But he did not just played the role and appeared on stage as Herald?

– There are actors absolutely flawless. Even if they play a negative role, we still know what is this actor.

Sergei Yursky or Oleg Basilashvili we all initially clear. Great actors in positive roles merge with the image, but when you play negative characters, and we do not interfere. And here was a discrepancy with our expectations. We will not see a next to Ephraim on the imaginary barricades. He may be, will lead us to them, for that he too praise, and then his on these barricades will not. It is not the case. There’s a huge number of examples in literature and in life. Please – I am appealing to the invisible audience – don’t assume that the actor has to match what he’s doing. Mikhail Efremov has created a fun image of a certain opposition, but it is not.

– And if it was the Director? That’s another story?

– the Director has more responsibility. Actor – performer. Mikhail Olegovich is able to set, but in this case, do not put anything, only to come up with a way. Directors during the Soviet era often had to pretend. Now these examples do not know. I would also like that Misha Efremov, with whom I had the opportunity a couple of times in my life to chat with me some belief. But I can’t. I would like not to take his eyes off of Mikhail Boyarsky, has made me a lot of good.

– Bitter and twisted.

– And I am sorry, but this does not diminish my admiration of its brilliant craftsmanship.

know that witty, light and funny parodist Maxim Galkin does not coincide with that image when he talks about Putin and Sobyanin. Not God he is arguing against some power figures. It just makes him a charismatic opposition image. People bought: what Galkin brave!

everything is counted. Not Galkin, and something inside of him. There are special apparatus which nature, education, something else sticks in a person.

Ephraim is not the case. He just played and thought differently. A lot of stuff and the bastards said that Misha is their friend. But drinking buddy and comrade – different things. Maybe that was a creative coincidence. Who knows?

I Think I like that Efremov is friends with Okhlobystin? I also have friends and love the people with whom I’m in a public field next to would not sit. These are difficult moral things.

I do Not like figuristkoy the position of those who never had choice problem when only externally opposition the person starts something to swing. For��Nude, as argued on Facebook about Oleg Tabakov. He died, and attacked him, remembering the sins, instead of thinking about the advantages. Now to shamelessly rip off the shrouds of the people. On TV ready in advance to the death of an elderly person. They are like hyenas treading water a few hundred meters from the outgoing to the light, to talk about it from different sides.

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