Market of vegetable meat analogues have attracted large Russian food companies. The manufacturer of mayonnaise “Sloboda” GK “EFKO” has invested 100 million rubles in the development of the product, which should appear on sale in the fall and will compete including Beyond Meat. The promotion of products in Russia is still experimental, will require large investments and competition, “EFKO” the market may soon make themselves meat producers.That GK “EFKO” will start the production of burgers for burgers, plant-based, “Kommersant” said the representative of the group. The product is developed on the basis of the incoming in “EFKO” center “Biryuch-NT”, where protein is soy-based. The volume of investments — 100 million rubles, the capacity of the pilot line — 500 kg per month. According to the Director of “EFKO Innovation” Andrei Zyuzin, first sales are scheduled to start in catering in September. In a tasting of the product was attended by the representatives of the Subway, “Dodo Pizza”, etc. In the Subway said that the question of supplies is discussed. “Dodo Pizza” plans to test the product. In the mass market, including retail, vegetable burgers “EFKO” should come in 2021.”EFKO” is one of the largest food producers in Russia. Produces sauces, dairy products, vegetable oils under the brands “Sloboda”, Altero, etc. In 2019, the revenue of “EFKO” was 122 billion rubles., net profit — 1,8 billion rubles., reported by the group. The main owner of the group — Valery Bushes.”EFKO” may become the first large Russian company entered the market of plant-based meat substitutes. Among the most famous in the segment of the American of Beyond Meat, whose products are, in particular, is implemented in the “ABC of taste” and “Crossroads” at a price of about 1 thousand rubles for a pack of two chops. Higher price sources of “Kommersant” a source called the main obstacle to the development of the brand in Russia.After the devaluation of the ruble from Beyond Meat refused network “Teremok”. In “ABC of taste” also say that the demand for Beyond Meat Asia on Friday ahead of holidays and price increases due to changes in the exchange rate. In the “Crossroads” sale not analyzed in detail. In expanding the range of networks are interested. In Alianta Group (exclusive distributor of Beyond Meat in the Russian Federation) said that import at least 16-20 tonnes of product per month and plan to move into a new network. Vegetable cutlets “EFKO” it is impossible to compare with Beyond Meat, with no soy, are produced for different audiences, emphasize in Alianta Group. But the product of “EFKO”, specify in the company will be five to seven times cheaper of Beyond Meat. By 2025, the plant-based analogues of meat in the world will spend $4 billion against $160 million in 2018, expect the “EFKO”.As the Director of “Sovekon” Andrei Sizov, hardly Beyond Meat products or of its competitors is difficult to replicate, in terms of technology, and success will largely depend on investments in marketing, which at times may exceed�� development costs. Managing partner of Walnut Capital Artem Engine notes that the level of 500 kg only in Moscow the market will easily digest this month: “the Question is how you perceive the product, the consumer and what will be the support of the brand”. In Greenwise (develop vegetable analogues of meats) threats to market “EFKO” do not see, hoping that this will help to popularize the category.According to mister Sizov, after “EFKO” the next big Russian player in the market may be some of the Russian breeders. The General Director of group “Rusagro” Maxim Basov told “Kommersant” that the company is studying this possibility. Cherkizovo is not planning the issue of alternatives to meat, said chief analyst of the group Rustam Khafizov. According to him, in Russia, the product remains largely a marketing experiment, and in the world the hype surrounding it was associated with COVID-19 and the risk of meat shortage due to the temporary closure of a number of companies and investors.Anatoly Kostyriv