Recognizing the presence of certain difficulties in the economy of the countries of the Union, the Prime Minister, the words quoted by BelTA, at the same time gave to understand that the critical situation in the sectors, especially in the sphere of material production, is not observed. As an example, he cited the official figures of statistics. For example, in agriculture, according to him, production grew by 1.3 percent, particularly Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. It is very important, says Chairman of the Board, that there has been a sharp rise in inflation, noting and reliability of the cooperation relations in the EEU.

the availability of the necessary resources to accelerate access to sustainable rapid growth rates stated at the conference and the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Petrishenko. According to him, the strategic position of the Republic at the junction of two major economic blocks “creates a unique opportunity to strengthen its position in the mechanism of formation of chains of value creation”. Modern industrial base, high scientific research potential, the digitalization of the national economy, in his opinion, “forms the groundwork for the transition of Belarus to the VI technological mode”.

He also expressed hope that in the near future will grow rapidly interest in investing in Belarus. The government has confirmed Deputy Prime Minister, will continue to support the projects and areas that will be demanded by the market and is able to generate profit. In his view, a productive dialogue on an international online investment conference is another confirmation of the continued interest of the owners of capital around the world in search of favorable conditions for investment in growth projects, even in the current difficult conditions.

International online investment conference “From recovery to sustainable growth”, in which registered representatives of 42 countries, said the Agency, organizes the national Agency of investment and privatization with the support of the United Nations Conference on trade and development (UNCTAD).