In a mobile application project “Moscow e — school” “the Diary of a mash” — there is a new function. Now the parents of preschool-aged children can watch a child menu and his daily routine in kindergarten. In addition, the service to inform carers about what the child will be absent in the group in any given day.

“In the menu of the mobile application, new sections — “Schedule” and “Student”. In the first you can learn about what kids do during all 12 hours that they spend in kindergarten. For example, what hours the pupils sleep, eat, play, walk or learn. The second section of the menu of the kindergarten, including information on the composition and caloric content of Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, including the content of nutrients — proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in each dish. The app displays the diet for the next two weeks. Thanks to new functions, parents will always know what and what feeds their child at a specific time of the day”, — told in the press service of the Department of information technology.

to Inform the kindergarten that the child will not be able to come to the group on a particular day, it is now also possible online. Previously, parents had to notify the teachers personally or by phone, and after updating the application “Diary MES” it takes only a few clicks.

to use the new feature, users should open in the mobile app category of “Student”, select the tab “Scheduled permits” and click on “Create notification”. On the screen of the gadget will be displayed page “a New notification” with the calendar for the current month. Here it is necessary to select the desired day (or days). In the tab “Reason for absence” the parent can specify the reason why the child will not appear in the garden.

a Mobile app for the capital’s schoolchildren and their parents “Diary mash-up” launched in September 2019. You can download it in the App Store and Google Play. It is available only to registered users of the portal For authorization it is enough to enter your account information. All indicated in the personal account information is synchronized with the app automatically.

Users of the app available main features of the electronic diary, one of the key services of the project “electronic Moscow school”. The students online can find information about scores, upcoming examinations, the schedule of lessons, homework, including comments from teachers. Using the e-diary, students can submit completed homework to the teacher, to learn about current events and activities. Parents receive full information on the progress of the educational process and achievement of their children. With ��through the subscribe to push notifications they can learn about assessments of the child for the current day and for homework in the subjects for tomorrow.

in addition, in the mobile app available in the section “Attendance.” It allows to promptly inform the educational institution about the absence of the child in the classroom, sending appropriate notices, and to find information about his attendance. In the section “Balance” can manage the personal account of the child and to watch his diet.

the Project “Moscow e-school” for more than two years. It was developed by the Department of education and science of Moscow together with Department of information technology. The project includes a single electronic journal and electronic library of training materials. In the library assembled interactive content for teachers and students. The teacher can choose the best scenarios to prepare for self-employment, as well as upload unique material.

today the library is “MEH”, you can find more than 45 thousand scenarios of lessons, more than 1400 electronic textbooks and over 380 books publishers, 245 works of literature, more than 114 thousand interactive educational apps created by the best teachers of the city and it companies, as well as seven unique virtual laboratories and a huge number of tasks relevant to the content of OGE and EGE that allows students to prepare for a test, exams, and Olympiads.

the service is used by not only students but also their parents. They can together with the child to repeat the material, to pass additional tests to help prepare for tests and laboratory work.