you don’t know James Dyson? But his vacuum cleaner without bag and with a distinctive futuristic Design. Currently, the Self-made billionaire with ventilation devices for Corona helps patients. What many people don’t know Dyson’s success came only after thousands of failures.

You have to be particularly stubborn to for years, an idea that finds no favour. The British inventor Sir James Dyson is now on the Forbes list of 1000 richest people in the world, and lives with his wife in the highest skyscraper Penthouse of Singapore. The Queen has beaten him years ago in the knight, now he helps the British government in the Corona-crisis with ventilators.

However, the first half of his life brought the 72-Year-old unsuccessfully in order to receive a Patent for his bag-less vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner there was, finally, already since 1905 and he had to prove that he could be something Better. It was a long Experiment.

“As I was not financially successful, I was happy! As happy as I am today. The only difference is that I deserve more,“ says Dyson.

inventor of the Dyson in the 1990s with his “G-Force”, the forerunner of the today well-known Dyson vacuum cleaner photo: James Dyson

“I want all day long just Tinkering”

In the 1960s, studied Dyson Design at the school of art in London, later he started with engineering, but never.

Until then, he had nothing to do with engineering: “As a child I built model planes as all the others. But I grew up without a father, and certain of the craft could not learn things from him,“ he says. His father died young of cancer. “That’s why I, University of am the first Time came into contact with it.”

His first invention was the high-speed landing vehicle, “Sea Truck”; shortly thereafter, he came up with the idea to build a wheelbarrow which is pushed on a Ball.

The sons of James Dyson, Jake (li.) and Sam (u. a.), played as children with the inventions of your dad’s (here with the “ball barrow”, the wheelbarrow with a flexible Ball-steering system, the Dyson in 1974 brought out) – today, Jake Dyson’s mid 40’s and designed for the company of his father, Dyson Desk lamp photo: James Dyson

is spent Since he didn’t have a day without having to look after the technical problems he could solve: “It is like a little obsessed,” he says. “I want to fiddle around all day long only.”