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Many have a little extra leisure time and quieter days now that we should keep ourselves the most at home and at rest.

Well, in any case, apart from the fact that everyday life is a bit chaotic with hjemmeskole, home office, and kids who are home from the nursery .

We will also be together with the least amount of people, and then it becomes like a little more time to be bored than we are used to.

Luckily it is not all who think it is boring that you go around restlessly in the home. For our firbeinte friends are namely koronahverdagen a paradise.

So why not use innetiden to find things with them? Here are some tips for activities you can find on together.

1. Geiteyoga

Many will probably associate yoga with relaxation and relaxing surroundings.

But in the barn to Øistein Waage Johansen, it was not perfectly calm for when he invited geiteyoga with geitekillingene he and her partner Trygve has.

22 pieces, to be exact.

To normal, he akupunkturist by Øisteins Muskelklinikk and yogalærer on My Yoga in Svolvær, but while we two-legged are not allowed to participate on the hours his, he had to think again.

When you only have small fun lovable rampetroll who love to climb on you, so it was very tempting to play with them. They think it was very funny when I started to bend and stretch. They were with the toy right away, ” says Johansen.

But to film themselves while surrounded by geitekillinger who eat on the earlobes of your proved to be challenging.

It was a part recording before I managed to get said what I would say. Goats are one of the most curious of you can think of. They are on everything.

you do not Have access on 22 geitekillinger? Do not despair, maybe also other firbeinte who will appreciate a little yoga.

2. Noughts and crosses with the dog

If not yoga with geitekillinger is something for you, maybe noughts and crosses with the dog be the thing.

A search in social media at #noughts and crosses shows that several dog owners have tried this with his dog in the past.

Among other Hild Rønning and eight-year-old Hagbart.

The eight-year-old dog Hagbart and human Hild Rønning play noughts and crosses.

Photo: Hild Rønning

I saw a video of noughts and crosses with a dog that is an american woman set out on a Facebook page for this hunderasen. So then I had to try it same with Hagbart.

He is a lagotto romagnolo, also known as Italian vannhund. According to the Norwegian Kennel Klub is the breed a selskapshund, which is easy to learn and should get to use the head on the activities.

– He got it on the first try and took only one and a treat. I was very impressed.

Hild and the dog Hagbart play noughts and crosses You need javascript to see the video.

To do:

Sign up slightly larger glass than usual and add a treat in each box. Let the dog to choose a treat first, and then draw a cross in the box. So is it your turn to remove a treat and draw a circle there. How do you continue after the ordinary rules for noughts and crosses. The winner is whoever gets three of their characters in a row.

Now that we are much at home, it is very good to have a dog, especially if you live alone. A lot of company with a dog and nice to get often out on tour, add Rønning.

Schwarzenegger plays with ass

Also Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger playing with their animals.

As here, where he and the ass his Lulu takes up a kind of chess:

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Here’s your daily Lulu update – she’s not the best chess partner but she’s getting there. If you’ve been putting off something like learning chess with your family, use the time you’d normally ask out and about.

A post shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on

3. Goodies in the pappkrus

Are you tired of your pet beats you in chess, so is perhaps the last activity most appropriate for you.

the Dog Hagbart has a very good sense of smell, according to the owner, Hild Rønning. Here he is trying to find the goodies in the cup.

Photo: Hild Rønning

Here, there is only the firbeinte to pers, with the objective to find the treat that you have hidden in a pappkrus.

By attaching pappkrusene on a line, should your dog try to get out the goodies. Alternatively, you can also make holes in a bottle and put treats in, so have the dog push on the bottle to get out the food.

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See From the bully to the best friend in the NRK TV: the Chaos starts when six boorish dogs, and their owners, meet for the first time, to start training at home with hundetrener Maren Teien Rørvik.

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