Director and script writer of Lodewijk kreyns all starts with a frightening outcome, and that will have to go through the hero, the audience knows from the first frame. This is the exact solo for Thriller: now every cracked twig we will perceive cautiously – as a signal of imminent danger.

at once – to the beginning of that history. Thus began a million similar stories: well-behaved family loads into the car stuff, going to the grandfather’s birthday. Husband Hans, wife Diana and two girls – the family of a peaceful, but somewhat nervous. Citizens are often so keyed up forever: all of them annoying – tarried wife, wimp husband, inappropriately switched the lights, trudging ahead of the white van. This minivan will become the tragic plot events: what happens on the roads, hero obhamil the driver wagged his finger at his temple, and then, again, finding him in a roadside cafe, will clash for real. That would require an apology, and the father of the family is already walking tumours.

Playing Hans artist Jeroen of Spitzenberger – the main source of suspense in the film. With just one look he is able to Express a complex condition completely hunted, lost the shore of the person’s shadow, imagining the enemy behind every corner. This is a whole Symphony instantaneously successive emotions born of hysteria at any moment capable of flies to make uncontrollable elephant. Here you go, allowing this purely situational Thriller is considered at some psychological.

the Nervousness of the main character is easily transmitted to his wife and daughters. The family is late to the celebration, and then suddenly braking for stuff – a kettle, which blocked the road, and now is not going to retreat. The kettle need an apology.

Next, an elephant of a fly inflates quickly and inevitably. The opponent is well armed, as against a virus attack, a hazmat suit and spray for toxic substances. Starts sheer terror. He will recall a similar situation in old movie young Steven Spielberg’s “Duel”, where the hero is chased by a mysterious truck with the unseen driver, bringing him and the audience to a state of nervous breakdown. There’s this truck was a phenomenon almost mystical routine, every familiar household became a space where all walks of the rock itself. “Stalker” also features a contrast Sunny peaceful villages and freeways – and something ominous that hovered in the air.

But here the Stalker has a face. This high gloomy man, vaguely resembling the creation of Frankenstein appearance of Boris Karloff. William de wolf plays a cross between a psycho fanatic, stubborn on the idea of retribution. As they conceived retribution is categorically disproportionate to the offense, everything that happens is perceived not as a moral lesson, and as a clinical picture where psi��nical unhealthy strongly by all participants. What, of course, also has its relevant meaning.

the Collision of an unsuspecting family with not knowing pity cruelty evokes a similar state in another classic film – “Funny games” Michael Haneke, two bastard taken prisoner and mock came to the country a peaceful family. There is shocking contrast of our civilization, which seemed so comfortable and safe, with the wild ruthlessness of something hostile to human nature, but existing among us very close.

the Pattern holds in the limit voltage so long and so skillfully that, pausing and trembling, one cannot help admiring “the beauty of the game.” But towards the end she breaks a hurtful manner. This is often well thought out, but half-assed Thriller-horror authors too, begin to rush and be nervous, and they do not have the strength to think through the behavior of their heroes on them contrived plot twists to preserve psychological credibility to the end. And the old mother, who has just been on the verge of death, almost serene exposes the marks of ablution son, and senile Pope did not react to the sense of danger disappears, although armed enemy, in theory, somewhere. In addition, the final picture does not coincide with the proposed start interchange – it can be assumed that the author suddenly decided to translate the story to the rank of instructive parables. This mess confuses very strong, I repeat, the impression from the experience, Recalling that all this is real and the awesome – not more than the movie, which the authors have not figured out how to complete.

nevertheless, the film is worth seeing even false note in the finale can’t ruin this topical song about the evil that always lurks in ourselves, and very close.