The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that he could sue Facebook if the social network this company will not stop to approve the advertisement of scams in his name or brand.

“for more than a year the company’s Facebook and Instagram earn on advertising of fraudulent schemes that are run in my name. These fraudulent schemes are approved by the moderators of Facebook, getting an official status of advertisements and thereby misleading people,” – said Durov Telegram.

He noted that because these schemes were losing money including the elderly and pensioners.

“Despite the numerous complaints and the indignation of the users, Instagram and Facebook continued to promote such ads last fall and this spring,” – said Durov.

According to him, Facebook over a year ignores complaints, earning in the financial inexperience of the users with high speed “carries out political censorship.”

“In the interests of Facebook to begin to take responsibility for own advertising platform to the end of the week. I also hope that the company compensates its users the damage caused by the actions of its moderators. If this does not happen, I urge users of Facebook and Instagram to keep the cases of distribution company fraudulent ads. This evidence can be claimed to the extent possible in this case trials,” – said Durov.

In January, Durov warned smartphone users about the dangers of using the application WhatsApp, which Facebook also owns.