Show biz, kid In Story, you can read a weekly column for The week of Nuria. This week’s cast Nuria Gilizintinova (31), also known by the Blind got Married’season, with her eyes on the couples on this season, but in the coronacrisis. If healthcare is in a rest home in Kortrijk (belgium) will know they are in the best interest of the federal government guidelines on the importance scale.

As in all households, the corona virus is also on my life for a very, very strong impact. As a healthcare at a senior home in Kortrijk (belgium), I am very worried. Fortunately it hit with the feline corona virus at the care home is not yet ready, but it, along with my co-workers is afraid to be seen. The virus cannot always penetrate into the interior. Theodore and Victor are going to go to the nursery, and so I have to be very vigilant. I am terrified that I have the virus and it would go up and I noticed I have. Stu, I have a doubt whether we are temporarily in a separate room, but for the time being, let’s plan to sail. I’m trying to be less zoentjes to share with our children.

for example, If I have the horror stories from france, though, I’m in love, my heart is fixed. That is the image of the Italian-trained nurse who is exhausted at the top of her keyboard, sleep: so poignant… and The care they’re already understaffed, but we’re not allowed to complain about it, because everyone of us is needed. I know how it feels to be with a dying person, to see it, and let me tell you: this is not a stroll in the park. At work, if you are unwell, use your common sense. Last week, I had a koortsblaas, and I was not feeling so good, so I wore a protective mask. But to explain it even to patients suffering from dementia to people about why you’re doing it. They don’t understand what is the corona virus, it is. So I tell them just that, the flu virus in the country.


We, as professionals, hold ourselves absolutely to the rules, but I’m seriously angry was at the coronatoeristen that with the increased measures are flocking to the Netherlands in the regions. If you know that there is someone who dies because of another one, the guidelines are not followed, you as a caregiver is so difficult to fight. Excuse me for my pronunciation – and I don are likely to be many sore toes, but coronatoeristen was so stupid! To do something that is not allowed, there is always a lot of plezanter, but it really is a bad idea. And the thing is a few weeks of ‘house arrest’ as we are in people’s lives can be saved. There has been criticism that we are close to the common flu, these measures are not being imposed, but don’t forget that the most at risk population have been vaccinated against the flu, but not against the corona virus.

Hats off to all the people who are in hospitals need to work with it, but their caregivers and the volunteers deserve praise for all that they have been performed. The coronacrisis these people, it’s just not anymore. Then you realize just how much work they are to perform. In the absence of their help, it weighs on everyone in the house. It is a big family, there is always the life of the plant. But the hustle and bustle, now there is no more… It’s like a domino game that is falling apart. We, as health care providers need to do a little bijsteken. Now it is up to us to be among the residents and to allow for facetimen with their families, so they can still have a little bit of warmth to be able to feel it. But don’t get me wrong, I fully support the decision taken to nursing homes, to shut off from the outside world.

the iPad

from Home, it is now all hands on deck! As a mother of two small children, it is by no means easy to get them for five weeks at a time, at least – to be entertained. I will be very honest: it is a disaster. Stu and I have made a conscious decision for this to be the Victor, and Theodore go to the day care center to us. It’s especially Stu for the children to make sure that it is not self-evident. The youngest is still sleeping a lot, but the Victor is an activity for five minutes and already fed up with. And so, Stu, can include non-training solutions, such as the television or the iPad in order to have a little bit of home work. in the Evenings he is, anyway, a lot of work to catch up because of the children, during the day a lot of attention.

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