Guests of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian city of Lviv, which do not possess "tungsten", should turn around and go to the station. This opinion broadcast your Internet channel was expressed by the Ukrainian writer, journalist and presenter of political talk shows Ostap Drozdov.

TV presenter told, as allegedly indicated about the road and sent to the other end of town tourists who asked him the way in Lviv on Russian language.

"I Have a rule – if I’m fit tourist and Russian asked him how to go somewhere, I always show him, but in the opposite direction" – said Drozdov.

The journalist has repeatedly made a resonant statement. In particular, he admitted that he believes Ukrainians "a nation of potheads," compared to residents of Donbass animals, called the Russian-speaking population of the country "pledge of war" and stressed that such people "should disappear as a species".

Since mid-July last year the law of Ukraine "About the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language", which requires the use of only Ukrainian language in almost all spheres of life.

In the country regularly there are domestic conflicts over language. So, writer Larissa Nicoll scandal due to conductors, who spoke in Russian, and former MP Irina fahrion called for violence against Russian-speaking Ukrainians. In the summer of 2018 Lieutenant Colonel of the border guards broke his jaw in Mariupol café after he demanded a menu in the national language, and in November of last year the former mayor of Slavyansk caused a scene in a karaoke bar because of the songs of Oleg Gazmanov.