Kanye West

43-year-old Kanye West has become the main newsmaker last week, and managed to get in the political news, and in the column “Scandals of the day”: from the beginning of the campaign to the desire to divorce of Kim Kardashian and public apologies to her later. br>
In our proposed timeline to trace the development career and personal life of the popular rapper, designer, self-proclaimed God, and now candidate for U.S. President.

Kanye West


This can be considered the start of professional career of the West, as to 1996 is the first official mention of the future rapper in the music industry. He started, however, as producer. His name appears on the debut and sole album the Chicago rapper Grav — Down to Earth.

In one of the songs West performed a verse, but for the next years of his solo career did not develop, as he was the producer of rapper D-Dot, and could not carry on a solo career.


This year was a turning point in Kanye’s career — he began working with the record label Roc-A-Fella Records and quickly achieved recognition among colleagues and critics. Finest hour was the album Jay-Z The Blueprint, which Kanye worked as a producer.

Kanye West and Jay-Z

the Album was a landmark in the history of hip-hop, once in the list of the greatest albums of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone, and many journalists called it a classic of the musical genre. Did not stint on praise of himself, Jay-Z, calling Kanye a genius.


Despite the success as a producer, West this role did not suit — he wanted to rap. However, colleagues Kanye not too serious about his dream, and the opportunity to prove himself he did not drop out.

Luck smiled on him while working on an album of rapper Talib kveli, which allowed him to play with him on a number of shows on the tour. After that West fails to sign with Roc-A-Fella on to record her own album, but the beginning of a long-awaited work was marred by a serious car accident. October 23, 2002, Kanye fell asleep at the wheel and was seriously injured jaw.

However, the trouble did not prevent the West to continue to work — this experience he described in the song “Through the Wire”, which became the lead single from his debut album. The title of the song is given a reference to medical buses that were imposed on the fragmented jaw of the contractor. By the way, to record the future hit he started just a few weeks after the accident. Everything that happened, in the words of Kanye, had a great influence on him.

This accident says to me that you can get the whole world and at any time ��to iterate it. It would be like to lose your life for the rapper to lose his voice and face. But I just have to thank God for the situation in which I find myself… Through the Wire is the worst thing that could happen to me, but now it’s obviously the best moment. Look how successful the song!

— recalled West.


In February 2004 debut album The College Dropout Kanye. The album could appear before, but West brought the release, in an effort to bring the record to perfection (in total on material for their debut album West worked five years).

album the College Dropout

the Album was warmly received by critics and received three nominations for “Grammy” (the victory in the categories “Best rap album” and “Best rap song”, in addition, another statue West was like a song she co-wrote Alicia Keys) and the American Music Awards, and Rolling Stone magazine named it album of the year.

the Most popular single was the track “Jesus Walks”, in which Kanye touched on the topic of Christianity and faith. This motif will be one of the most important in the future work of the rapper.


where There is a new star, and wait for new scandals. Kanye West did not violate this tradition of show business. Demonstrative behavior, he was remembered at the American Music Awards when he left the event, not having received the award for “Best new artist”. Then it was blamed on resentment of the West, because in the debut album, he really put a lot of effort, but soon the rapper has shown that he is willing straightforward to declare their position on other issues.

So, during the broadcast of a charity concert to benefit victims of hurricane Katrina, West went off-script and made his own monologue, in which he pointed to the unfair treatment of black people in society, and stated that George Bush (then US President. — Approx. ed.) is bad for blacks.

I hate how they represent us in the media. If it’s a colored family, we say: “they Rob”. If it’s white, you say: “they are looking for food.” And you know, it’s been five days and still no help, since most of the people out there, black. George Bush spit on them,

— said West.

Unplanned speech caused a wide resonance in the society. West later apologized to the President, who in his memoirs noted that the public accusations of the rapper have been the worst moment of his presidency.


Touched on the debut album theme of Christianity will be continued soon enough. In January 2006, Rolling Stone magazine came out with aboutwith a spoon, in which Kanye was captured in the image of Jesus with a thorny wreath on his head.

In the same year Kanye got engaged with his sweetheart designer Alexis phifer, which met at that time for four years, but 18 months later the couple broke up.

Kanye West and Alexis phifer


November 10, 2007 at the age of 58 years died suddenly Kanye’s mother, donda to the West. By results of examination, the death occurred due to heart problems associated with “various post-operative factors”: the day before, she had undergone liposuction surgery and breast reduction.

Later it became known that the first plastic surgeon, and addressed by the Foundation, asked her to undergo a medical screening for contraindications before surgery, after which she went to another specialist, who did not delay the operation.

Kanye West mother Donda West

In 2009, the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the so-called “law of Dondy West”, according to which the patients preparing for surgery, must undergo a medical examination.

For Kanye losing his mother was a heavy blow. In the interview the rapper admitted that he blames himself, as he was not with her at the time and could not help.


this year, Kanye began Dating model amber rose — the relationship lasted for two years.

Kanye West and amber rose

In 2008, the rapper also appeared the first serious trouble with the law. In September, Kanye and his bodyguard don Crowley were arrested at lax airport in Los Angeles after an altercation with paparazzi. The rapper was charged with vandalism. A sentence of 50 hours of community service, as well as compulsory courses on anger control.

However, this problem Kanye with the press photographers has not ended. In the same year he was arrested in England, but released for lack of evidence. Another serious clash with reporters happened in 2013 in Los Angeles, when Kanye tried to take the camera from the photographer.

continued the religious theme. In an interview with The Fader West called himself a “voice, chosen by God.”


this year, Kanye has marked another demonstrative gesture at the awards ceremony (this time it was the MTV VMAs), but has stood up not for himself but for a colleague. Prize for best video was awarded to Taylor swift, but Kanye is at the time of giving away of the singer’s microphone and shouted that “Beyonce had one of the best clips of all time!” (talking about the video for the song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). — Approx. ed.).

Kanye West and Taylor swift

Such an act was condemned as among fans, and among other muzykantaV. Although some believe that the whole incident was pre-planned, as the audience noticed that the picture with beyoncé, appeared in the broadcast, barely Kanye jumped on stage.

the Story then continued. A few years after the incident that Kanye apologized to Taylor, he allowed himself to sarcastic statements that he made her famous.

beyoncé and Taylor swift


Kanye West was one of the headliners of the legendary Coachella festival (that year the event was attended by more 90 thousand people). The magazine the Hollywood Reporter called the concert of the rapper “one of the greatest performances in the genre of hip-hop”. Shortly before Kanye released his fifth Studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was enthusiastically received by critics, but did not receive a nomination for a Grammy as best album.

In the same year Kanye released a joint Jay-Z album, which included the famous song “Niggas in Paris” seven years later, the line of her written Ulyana Sergeenko on the envelope, was the cause of the racist scandal, the center of which was the designer and Miroslava Duma — she addressed an invitation to the show.


Kanye West started Dating model and reality show star Kim Kardashian, with whom he had known for about five years.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


By this time Kanye has already dabbled in fashion, collaborating with Louis Vuitton, BAPE and Nike, in collaboration with which rapper released his first Air Yeezy sneakers. However, in 2013, there was a key change West stopped working with Nike and started working with other sports brand adidas.

this collaboration will bring real success and rampant Yeezy-mania, and the first joint with the Adidas clothing line will then be shown at fashion Week in new York. Later, the rapper will produce and independent of the collection.

Kanye West with daughter North during his fashion show at fashion Week in Paris in 2019

Occurred and major changes in the personal life of the rapper. In June of the same year Kanye and Kim’s daughter North (then the couple will have three more children: a daughter in Chicago and sons of the Saint and Psalm), and in October, West proposed to Kim at her birthday party at the stadium AT&T in San Francisco.

But not without another scandal. In September 2013, West was criticized by the Human Rights organization Human Rights Foundation for the performance at the wedding of Aisultan Nazarbayev, grandson of Kazakhstan’s President.

the reason for the anger was the situation with respect for human rights in Kazakhstan, which it refused to be other musicians. According to the website TMZ, in a statement, the rapper had received three million dollars.

in addition, Kanye, who spoke against discrimination on the RAthe grounds itself was the cause of the racist scandal. It happened when the rapper again talked about the President of the United States — at that time it was already Barack Obama.

People say that Obama can not do anything and does not change anything. This is because he has no need of Dating. Black people do not have the level of relations, which are among the Jews. Black people do not have the level of relationships that people have in the oil business,

— said the rapper during a radio interview. After this he was accused of anti-Semitism.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married during a glittering ceremony in the Italian fortress Fort Belvedere near Florence. Well, the celebration itself was held in Paris, surrounded by 600 guests, among whom were, of course, world star.


Their next album The Life of Pablo Kanye released on the streaming platform Tidal. A year earlier, the rapper became part owner of a service that re-launched Jay-Z, buying the parent company. All service operated 16 musicians, among them Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj.

the Service was a response to musicians Spotify, which has been criticized for too low royalties to artists.


Kanye West for the first time publicly acknowledged that he has bipolar disorder (BAR). The diagnosis he put in 39 years, i.e. in 2016.

for the First time about the disease, the rapper also spoke through creation, on the cover plate Ye, published in that year, he put a photo with the title meme I hate being bipolar. It’s awesome! (“I hate my bipolar disorder! This is awesome!”). And in the song Power touched on the topic of mental health. In a few interviews that the rapper has given on various shows, he also called the BAR his “superpowers”, giving him the opportunity to create.

Album Ye

In the same year, West has spoken in support of US President Donald trump, the sympathy to which he made no secret from the moment he fought for a seat in the White house. Then the West became almost unique among the stars of the first magnitude, who became a supporter of trump. In 2018, Kanye also was invited to the Oval office for a meeting with the President of the United States.

Donald trump and Kanye West


Kanye West was to pursue a traditional Sunday Church service for her family in Calabasas. Them rapper has performed alongside a gospel choir, and was soon attracted to the activities and my oldest daughter North.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with kids North, a Psalm, a Saint and Chicago

West also conducted a large-scale service dedicated to the celebration of Easter, during the festival Coachella. It was visited by about 50 thousand people, and then in a press there was an information that Kanye wants to open his own Church, wheren could be of continuing service.


Only the lazy have not said that 2020 was special. And, alas, not in the most positive sense of the word. What is one of the coronavirus pandemic! But in my personal life many people have something, as they say, went wrong.

Not passed this fate and Kanye West. Started all quite well — the rapper has announced that he will run for President of the United States and ready to join the race.

However, the first performance of the West over the scandal, which, like a snowball, became only grow with each passing day. First, Kanye was marked by emotional speech on abortion, admitting that they thought Kim to abort her first pregnancy because West was not ready to be a father and wanted to have a career.

Then, in a personal tweet, the rapper admitted that for two years trying to get divorced with Kim hinting at her unfaithfulness. The message was later removed but the network has already discussed the behavior of Kanye. Kardashian stood up for him, asking to respect their personal space, and understanding to treat bipolar disorder West.

Kanye made a public apology to his wife — so he did after all his careless statements, but then again took it back as it was, for example, Taylor swift.

recently the rapper was spotted outside the clinic to visit the doctors insisted Kim. It only remains to see how will develop this situation further: in 2020, Kanye still have time to surprise us.