Dramatically increased the number of hacker attacks on online stores

a Mass transfer of employees to work remotely has become a serious test for the it infrastructures of many companies. Better than others this has been prepared by the company, and so a large part of the processes transferred to online technology business, some publishers, startups in different areas. There are those who transition to remote the format is hard. For example, almost half of teachers polled by the Analytical center of NAFI, said that they need help to conduct distance learning effectively. The most common problem is due to a technical workplace equipment (old equipment, slow Internet connections), and also due to lack of technical knowledge and skills to operate the computer.

the it experts recommend a systematic plan of action to transition to remote work. The main task is to provide all employees access to corporate resources of the company, as well as to make possible their effective interaction among themselves and with clients.

KPMG has issued guidelines for the business in which it is noted that most companies will need to review access rights of employees to it resources according to their privileges, as well as the position of the company in respect of information security risks. Experts advise in advance to decide whether you will need for emergencies to weaken those or other access controls. And also scale of the system remote access (VPN services, network equipment) to provide an increased number of remote connections employees. Easier the transition will be for those who pre-tested it infrastructure to determine how it copes with the increased load.

Before you configure remote access, you need to provide employees with technology – should be enough laptops for remote work. It is also useful to determine the prioritization of the issuance of it equipment – to whom from employees it will need in the first place.

the activities of the data centers can also suffer from the effects of the virus, pay attention to KPMG. For example, if one of the staff of such a center is sick, because of this you will need to quarantine all of the staff, and the building closed. Businesses need a plan B in case one of the data centers will be closed. And such a plan of transition to the backup data center is also better to test in advance, and set responsible for the transition.

Another point has to do with the it problems within the company and from suppliers. It is necessary to develop a plan of action in case any of it suppliers will be forced to close his business.

another issue is that of information security and protection of company resources from attacks. The company QratorLabs studied the traffic of online resources in March and a hundred��istiku DDoS attacks. Most traffic increased video services – known resources and pirate sites. This is understandable: entertainment content is in great demand, because the majority of people are forced to reside in the house. A look at spare time films and TV series, which significantly increases the load on the resources of companies offering similar services.

Following the rise in popularity of video sharing has started to grow online advertising (almost 18 percent) – many people watch movies on pirated sites, where a large number of commercials. But the traffic tour companies, operators, air and rail carriers, contrary to expectations, declined slightly (0.78 percent). Analysts attribute this trend because people continue to buy and use tickets on flights and travel within the country, as well as trying to get the money back for cancelled flights and tours.

due to the cancellation and transfer of key sporting events (e.g. the Olympics and the Formula 1) nearly 5 percent dropped traffic services sports betting. Against this background, the number of DDoS attacks on this category of business increased almost three times. Experts believe this is a clear illustration of how in times of crisis and a shrinking market some players have resorted to including non-market methods of competition. A similar situation in the market of electronic Commerce and online shops – the number of attacks grew by 183 percent.

Even more aggressive growth in the number of attacks showed the sector of online courses and services distance learning – almost 4 times. But it’s not in the competition, and the reluctance of students to continue their education in an online format. The load on the sites of online education has increased by only 2.88 percent, even in the face of what many companies have done their lessons and programs are free for the duration of the epidemic.