Many organizations face the necessity of agile transition, as the word ‘agile’ is eating up the world in recent decades. Traditionally managed organizations, tiger journeys will undergo a radical shift, including changing the organization’s culture. Although the intention of being agile is confirmed- the company’s ability to embrace technologies’ evolution, reconfigure strategies, process, changing structure, and people’s mindset towards value-creating opportunities.

Thus, the journey doesn’t end here; the goal of being agile is to empower the organization’s frictionless, risk-free values, incremental financial rewards to make the company stand as the fastest-growing firm in the world.

Do Start Your Journey Questioning ‘Why?’

Question yourself why do you need this agile transition. Each institution needs to understand the benefits of agile. Here the leadership needs to make it very clear among the people who are attached with the organizations. Once the term agile is perfectly fitted with your organization, it will help the organization grow more quickly, deliver values, and get the customer’s feedback faster.

Also, agile transitions will make your business journey sustainable for a more extended period. Agile transformation is best defined as an overhaul in a change in work culture, embracing creativity, learning, and continuous innovation.

Don’t Avoid Negative Behavior

A fair resistance will meet the agile transformation when you are inculpating a significant change in your company. Some people will resist as they will not allow the change to occur; either they don’t know the perfect meaning of change or believe things will proceed in the same manner for the sake of success. But as a team leader, to operate resistant to change. Try to figure out their defiant behavior and address it promptly.

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Do Listen to your Team to Engulf Transition

To embrace the new agile reality, people require proper guidance to succeed in their respective roles. It is your responsibility to listen actively to their concern rather than indulging yourself in meetings and approachability. As an agile transition leader, it is essential to create an environment of trust and opportunities to speak about the difficulties and problems from the employer’s perspective. You have to remain active for proper guidance of transition to accommodate those fast-changing demands. For instance, PayPal, Google, Spotify are some of the names that have met transformation to create an agile organization.

Don’t Ignore the Behavior Pattern

The changing of thought patterns and behavior is one of the critical pitfalls in agile transformation. It occurs due to conditioning people to work under one dictatorship; their team leader often controls them. Their suggestions or creativity were not always welcome by the company, and time was always constrained, followed by political squash, egos, and other professional bigotries. The agile transformation leaves no room for dictatorship, encouraging individual creativity and innovation in that particular field.

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Creating an agile culture doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, it takes 2-3 years to reap all the benefits in your organization. Your team has to learn to satisfy the users’ needs to utilize working software without any defects. Customers’ needs and demands have changed, and the organization has to work differently to meet the required demand. Agility teaches to accept changes in the fast possible way with the change in resistance.