Already in the morning hours there was a suicide on the highway bridge view road on the A45. According to the investigations carried out, it is for the deceased to the living in the same household 41-year-old husband of the slain woman and the father of three children.

investigators go of homicide followed by the suicide of

is expected to “quadruple homicide followed by the suicide by the husband,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. He spoke also of a”working hypothesis”. The investigation had only just been taken. The current status reads as follows: “The perpetrator is dead. We have no other Suspects.”

You know nothing about the subject and the background. Currently, the apartment will be examined. All the bodies would have to be examined. The spokesman did not indicate how the woman and her children were killed.

Whether or not a suicide note of the man was found, not shared with the investigators as well. In the case of the dead children were a girl and two boys. About the victim it will release no further Details, especially since not all of the other members of the family could be notified.

editors ‘ note: We have decided in this case to report about a topic that could be related to a suicide. Unfortunately, it can happen that depressed-assessed people to see Reports of this kind of view reinforces that life had little meaning. It should happen to you, please contact pastoral care of immediately the phone. Help you will find free Hotlines, such as 0800-1110111 or 0800 3344533 .

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