the 80th anniversary of the birth of Nobel prize winner for literature Joseph Brodsky and capital Committee of tourism talk about associated with Moscow stages of the life and work of the poet.

Although Joseph Brodsky visited the capital only on short visits, Moscow invariably gave him a long-awaited meeting and creative inspiration. Arriving in the city, the poet was able to stay with his brother in the house. Since 2008, there is a monument to Osip Mandelstam. But the Brodsky monument has been installed in 2011 on Novinsky Boulevard, near the building of the U.S. Embassy.

the sculpture of the poet stands out on the background of the two groups of faceless figures. Sculptor Georgy Frangulyan and architect Sergey Skuratov tried to reflect dramatic moments in the life of Brodsky — his forced emigration and the lack of understanding with which the poet had experienced at home. By the way, the granite for the pedestal of the monument on Novinsky Boulevard before used for lining the banks of the Neva.

In Moscow, Brodsky bevelwise, where he lived translator Andrei Sergeev. They met in absentia: on the young Leningrad poet Sergeyev said Anna Akhmatova. When the translator was unable to read the poems of Brodsky, he was amazed. In 1964, Brodsky and Sergeev met personally and immediately found a common language. A significant role is played by the fact that Sergeev translated into Russian the poetry of Robert frost, whom Brodsky life admired.

the Friends were in correspondence, when the poet was sent into exile in Arkhangelsk oblast. By the way, there he came back on Malaya Filevskaya. Speaking of Moscow, Brodsky often reported that he was in this city interested in the opinions of just two people — Sergeev and his colleagues translator Viktor Golyshev.

Joseph Brodsky visited Korneevna Lydia Chukovskaya, the daughter of the famous children’s writer. Lydia Korneeva always very worried about Brodsky and treated him with special care. “They say that Brodsky’s bad character. Yes indeed, and the reason he was not good — and Mandelstam, too,” she wrote.

Brodsky called “one of the happiest memories of” their visits to the apartment of the family Rodovich, where he met Anna Akhmatova, which the poet a big impact. He later spoke about the legendary apartment as a continuous stream of people. “Don’t think I’ve laughed more often than then, for arlovskim table,” admitted the poet. He also came back when the emigration was just a few months — in the most difficult days.