The Celebrities Heidi Klum (46) that occurred in the previous year (twice as high) in the south, with the sixteen year old young musician Tom Kaulitz (30). In between the two going to still be great, says it’s the flagship in a new interview, though, she shares it delicately, a cross on her ex-husband, Seal (57). Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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In February 2019 and stepped out, ” Heidi Klum is in the biggest secret, tied the knot with the guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz. The two were, at that time, only two months engaged, and in less than a year together. In August of the same year, they went to the ceremony, once again in Italy on a luxury yacht. A knee-jerk decision, there seems to be no question as to the model and the musician are still very happy together. Which tells the story of Heidi, in a new interview with The Sun. “Last year was a very busy time,” she says. “It was a great thing. I met my husband two years ago. I feel like I’m in for the first time as a partner with you. If I have problems or something, try to figure out, then it shows that he is a great listener. It’s just amazing to have a partner. I am a much happier person.” And alice goes on to say: “For the first time, I have a partner with whom I can discuss this. Someone with whom I can complete the tasks in life that you can share. In the past, I was always into that stuff.”

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