Brussels –

In the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels, Doctors Without Borders, an emergency room triage and shelter designed for homeless people with symptoms of COVID-19. In the next few days it will be the first patients to make their move.

as Doctors Without Borders, runs the centre in association with the Brussels-based daklozenorganisatie samu social and the citizens ‘ platform for the Support of the Refugees. Doctors and aid agencies may be homeless is, in principle, from any place in the Belgium and endeavour to refer you if they believe that the corona virus have occurred. Currently, the center’s 58 beds. However, the capacity may, if necessary, on a one-or two-day period will be extended up to 150 or more,” says Djoen Besselink, landencoördinator of the ‘Doctors Without Borders’.

Homeless people who have arrived in the city, they must first pass an interview. After that, they can shower and use the toilet, they will receive a “welcome pack” with some extra clothes and napkins, and a bed is assigned. In addition, there is also a games room, a kitchen, and a beautifully furnished and decorated.

of The patients who are in the city, they may be won’t be tested for the corona virus, as there is not enough capacity. Doctors Without Borders would be, however, as soon as possible to begin with to test, and this is also in talks with the government. “It could be that we the patients can be divided into confirmed cases and suspected cases.” Now it will be possible to homeless persons with a cold or the flu in the triagecentrum land, and to them, it increases the risk of infection with the corona virus will be correct.

The shelter is currently designed for patients who are in the thuisisolatie had to do it, but not at home, and have nowhere else to go. As long as there is capacity in the hospitals and are in serious cases will be referred to the hospital. If there is a lack of capacity to threaten, it would be Doctors Without Borders, possibly even in the most serious cases, and beademingstoestellen able to use.

The latter has for the centre’s free exhibition space – a total of 8,000 square-meters – to of Extensa, and the owner of Tour & Taxis, brussels. There will be 25 workers from Doctors Without Borders to go to work. “In addition, there are also a lot of volunteers and of the samu social and the citizens ‘ platform on the steps,” said Besselink.

in order For the employees to be safety measures in place. So, to enter the patiëntenruimtes through the tents in which they have material on which the safety information statements. “We have Doctors Without Borders, has a lot of experience with infectious diseases. This is arranged as we have our centers at, for example, ebola is also setting up” said Besselink. “I had never thought of it that we have such a thing in Brussels, it would need to be devised.” The landencoördinator also stresses the importance of Doctors Without Borders, have enough protective equipment available.

In the struggle against the coronapandemie have Doctors Without Borders, a global COVID-19-the fund. Thus, funding for the ngo projects at the corona virus in the different countries. In Belgium In addition to triage and shelter for the support of seven of the hospitals in the flemish and walloon regions, and a total of 138 residential care centres, in Brussels, belgium.

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