The story of Rhiann Breen from Newport in South Wales is one of the most tragic in these days Since you received in August 2019, the diagnosis of breast cancer, the 31-year-old mother of two sons, against malignant tumor cells in your body. Both irradiation and chemotherapy she underwent. However, the cancer has spread despite the therapy, in the meantime, not only the chest, but also your lungs, your brain and your bones are affected, the British “Daily Mail” writes.

her Doctors Rhiann have placed at the beginning of March, only four months, the have you life whether your illness yet. The young mother put on a “Bucket-List” with all that what will you experience in the meantime. Fact: a trip to Iceland to see the Northern lights, with their children, the Aquarium visit, once again, to the place of her fondest childhood memories return.

your friends will Rhiann never see again

most of it is not now, however. The measures, the pandemic are to contain the Corona is necessary to make niece the majority of their plans. FOCUS Online provides you with the most exciting Reports from the parents. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

But it seems the 31-Year-old similar to bravely deal with their disease themselves: As you told the “Daily Mail”, try much of what was outside is now possible to experience in your own four walls and in the circle of her two sons and her husband nevertheless. So the family celebrate roast on the coming Easter weekend, an early Christmas with a traditional Christmas. Instead of the visit to the Aquarium, your son should get a small Aquarium with fish.

The worst thing about your Situation, such as Rhiann says: “to plan his own funeral in the Knowledge that no one will be able to come”. Most of your friends and Relatives will never see them again, further describes Rhiann your thoughts. Many of them worked in the system of the relevant Professions.

“Can’t change my own history – but perhaps someone Else”

So Rhiann so many more adventures from your “Bucket List” can stress as possible, Strangers who have heard of your fate set up, in the meantime a donation page on the Fundraising platform “GoFundMe”. “I have met these women personally. I’m overwhelmed,“ quoted the British newspaper the young mother.

But there is Rhiann not only their own story, as she says – she also wanted to shake up other women to encourage you, your breast tissue regularly scan in order to detect possible early changes in the notice. “I can’t change my own history – but, perhaps, by someone Else.”

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