Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov,

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov rarely comments on her family life, but in a recent interview with Yuri Kostin for the project “Personal communication” responded to questions about his wife Tatiana Navka. This summer was the fifth anniversary of their wedding, and in an interview Peskov replied affirmatively to the question, does himself a happy man. Costin asked the politician to tell the story of meeting his wife.
All, I can not tell, but I will say that we previously had families, we have children from previous families, and she and I are grateful to our previous families over the years. We first spoke to each other: “what a pity we didn’t meet when we were 20 years”, and then we each other actually replied in one voice that this was impossible, we had to walk your path in terms of family life to come to each other what we did: Peskov said.


Marriage to figure skater was his third: the first wife of Dmitry Peskov, was the granddaughter of the Soviet commander Semyon Budyonny Anastasia, in marriage, with whom a son Nicholas. The second time, the press Secretary of the President married Catherine Solocinski, the daughter of a diplomat Vladimir Solocinski. The couple have a daughter Elizabeth and two sons, Mick and Danny. Together with Tatyana Navka Sands raising his daughter Hope.

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In conversation with Kostin Peskov admitted that he cannot imagine his life without work, as his wife Tatiana.
I’m a man who can’t live without work, and I have a kind of family — my wife can not without work, but I’m not a fanatical workaholic, so I need a lot of work, and after much work, I need some time for the bliss, — said Peskov.