the Wreckage of a Nazi vessel discovered at the bottom of the Baltic sea off the coast of Poland, unable to solve the mystery of the Amber room. We are talking about a Nazi ship “Karlsruhe”, who went from königsberg, the then Baltic port city in Germany (now Kaliningrad) in 1945 with a heavy load, before the Soviet military aircraft sank it off the coast of Poland.

Divers from the group of the Baltictech said they found the wreckage of the German ship during the Second world war, may help unravel the longstanding mystery about the whereabouts of the Amber room, which the Nazis looted and stole in Russia. The exact location is not advertised for obvious reasons. “We were looking for debris from last year, when I realized that at the bottom of the Baltic sea may be the most interesting story during the Second world war,” said Tomas Stahura, one of a group of divers, adding that the holds of Karlsruhe was found military equipment, porcelain and lots of boxes whose contents are still unknown. “All this together stimulates the human imagination. The discovery of the German ship and crates with unknown contents while at the bottom of the Baltic sea may be important for the whole story,” reported the British newspaper the Guardian the other diver Tomas Zvara.

the Amber room was constructed in Prussia, and then presented to Peter the Great of Russia in 1716. Decorated with amber and gold, the hall was part of the Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg. The last time the Amber room was seen in Konigsberg. She disappeared during the bombing of the city by the allies. Many researchers believe that the room was destroyed, but the search continues more than 75 years.

the Ship “Karlsruhe” took part in “operation Hannibal”, one of the largest Maritime evacuations in history, which has helped more than a million German soldiers and civilians from East Prussia to escape the Soviet offensive by the end of the Second world war. The documents of the time indicate that the ship left in haste Konigsberg with large cargo and 1083 people on Board.