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The city municipality of Bremen is the capital of the country Free Hanseatic city of Bremen. Among the Two-city state, the 53 km North to Bremerhaven, Germany in addition to Bremen.

these are the current Corona-Figures for the district-free city of Bremen

FOCUS Online the latest Figures shows, on the basis of the investigation by the Robert Koch Institute.

  • Infected persons: 266
  • deaths: 2
  • cases per 100,000 population: 47

source: Robert-Koch-Institut, Stand: 31. March, Robert-Koch-Institute, The current Figures for Germany.

The daily updated map of Germany by the Robert-Koch Institute also shows at the County level, where the Coronavirus is how widespread it is. The dark blue a County is colored, the more Covid-19 Patients per 100,000 inhabitants there are.

The current Figures for Germany

  • Confirmed Covid-19-cases: 66.885
  • deaths: 645
  • Convalescent: 13.500

source: Johns Hopkins University


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