The harm of microwave ovens has been greatly exaggerated. In an interview with radio Sputnik said the Director of the laboratory “Ecology of life space”, an environmental expert Anton Yastrubtsi.

The specialist explained that the popular view that in a microwave oven the product is subjected to exposure, is only a myth. According to him, inside the oven produces electromagnetic radiation of high frequency, which leaves no traces on the food.

However, the microwave oven emits weak electromagnetic radiation, like any other electrical appliance. Therefore, when a microwave is included, is to move away from it at half to two meters.

Earlier dietitian Elena Solomatina listed products that cannot be heated in a microwave oven. She believes that many of the products when heated, lose their useful properties, and at times turn into poisons. In particular, vitamin C in the microwave just degraded to harmless components, and, for example, unrefined oils oxidize and become carcinogenic.