Showbizz-The Walt Disney Company may be one of the most profit-making companies in the world, they, too, will feel the after-effects of the coronacrisis. Not only are all of the disney parks are closed, so there is a lot of loss in rotation, but also the planned filmreleases, such as ‘Mulan’, you may be unable to continue. Why does his boss, Bob Iger decided to put his entire salary away for as long as the crisis lasts.

it is also one of the first major CEO’s who agree with such a drastic procedure. Mind you, his reward is to specify, does not mean that the Organisation as of now it’s just bread with chocolate on the table in turn. CEO of The Walt Disney Company is the third-bestbetaalde job in the world. It has been more than enough up side to this crisis in order to comfortably get through. Last year, he earned about 43,28 million, but the year before that, it was even more 59,77 million.

Iger is the CEO of the entertainment company until the end of 2021. After that, his successor, the next time, Bob, but this time with the last name Chapek – it’s from him. Also, is Bob Chapek has decided that 50 per cent of his salary to provide for the coronacrisis. His basic salary is from 2.2 million per month, of which he is now the one half, let set sail. Of course, also means he’s out for a good month at all.

you may Also have other senior executives within the company to give a 20%, 25%, or 30% of their wage. So they’ll be looking to Disney for the financial boost you need during this difficult economic period.

Chapek has made the news through an e-mail that he has been to all of the employees of the company are sent to. This message was also intercepted by The Hollywood Reporter, making it now the news of the world, it is. “In these times, we ask you to bet very much on the price,” they said in the message. “That’s why we want to do our part.”