Antwerp, GZA Hospitals, that the hospitals of St. Augustine, St. Vincent de paul and Saint-Joseph are has a complaint against unknown persons was submitted in response to a letter about the Covid-19 of which are current, and that the logo is from the GZA used to be. “A push joke,” says the group.

The nepbrief claims that a neighbor is positive, it has been tested on the Covid-19 and asks the recipient to feel, along with members of his family, and to report to the emergency department (ed). Otherwise, the police will be called and there would be penalties to follow.

“we’re looking for a push joke, and is in no way an official announcement of the GZA Hospitals,” the flu is in a post on his web site. “We will be using official channels to the receivers to try to reach out to them for them to know. There had been a complaint lodged with the police against this kind of thing.”

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