Soldiers of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) in an interview with journalist Simon Pegova revealed the details of the explosion, arranged in January 2015 in the new terminal of Donetsk airport, where they were blocked by Ukrainian security forces. Interview included in the documentary film “call "Donetsk"” published on the YouTube channel WarGonzo may 26. Several hours later, after the publication of the film was removed by the decision of YouTube.

The last Ukrainian soldiers nicknamed “cyborgs” have been locked up at one of the floors of the terminal and were exchanging fire with the militia punched through the hole in the ceiling. “We know where they live, know their location, where this item which we can’t take. The decision was made to make holes in a circle [concrete floor] and blow up the top floor, he fell on them, that they have no options [to escape] was not”, — said Vladimir Gaga, the current commander of the battalion DND “Sparta”, which at that time commanded the famous militiaman Arsene Pavlov, better known as Motorola.

“In the end we parts, first, 800 kilograms, and then another two hundred and ton [explosive] direct bags on their heads from the fourth floor was podbrasyvanii. Top — bag with a Bickford fuse, and do everything out of the new terminal, and the explosion occurred. After that, survived only those who "eyes" was,” says the chief of staff of the Sparta Callsign Vergel.

“Millions of tons of concrete bounce and there is complete silence. Usually "response" were within the first 10-15 seconds, and started hell. And this is — it takes a minute and this ringing silence,” recalls the volunteer Nick.

Undermine the Donetsk airport terminal has completed the second stage of the militia and the Ukrainian security forces for the air Harbor, which lasted from September 2014 to January 2015. A few days after the final transition of the airport under control of DNR began negotiations of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany, who in February ended with the signing of the second Minsk agreement.

According to Kiev, for all the fighting for the airport, the Ukrainian side has lost more than 200 people were killed, according to the DNR almost 600. The Ukrainian authorities acknowledged the death of 58 the security forces in the explosion of a terminal, the attorney General’s office of Ukraine considers the action a violation of the Geneva Convention. On 16 January Ukraine celebrates the Day of memory of defenders of the Donetsk airport, also known as the Day of remembrance “cyborgs”.