MOSCOW, 5 may 2020, 17:49 — REGNUM. a Contest of “Digital breakthrough” — one of the flagship projects of the presidential platform “Russia — country of opportunities” — launches a large-scale IT a marathon which is expected to more than 12 thousand participants.

“Digital breakthrough”, the biggest team competition for professionals in the field of digital economy of Russia, which develops the IT professionals and the whole team is capable of creating and implementing digital products.

In the contest on 5 may all over Russia has started the largest IT marathon. It consists of online-championship which will be able to take part, individual developers, and two online-hackathon for already formed teams.

Prize Fund IT a marathon is 5 000 000 rubles.

“Two online-hackathon “Digital breakthrough” will be held from 5 to 7 June and from 19 to 21 June. The contest will unite on the platform of the largest community of IT professionals, from professionals to beginners. The involvement of new staff in the digital economy and the “pumping” IT professionals will reduce the “personnel hunger” in the field of information technology. An important innovation this year was the online phase of the competition. Participants will be able to prepare in advance for face-to-face stages to test your skills from the comfort of home. This is a great opportunity for a talented IT professionals from all regions of the country to prove themselves within a large online contest wherever they lived,” — says Alexey Komissarov, General Director of ANO “Russia — country of opportunities”.

Tasks online-hackathon will be presented for 5 areas, each of them will be delivered by 1 task.

each online-hackathon can take up to 200 teams of 3-5 people. If there is no command, it can be found among the participants, it is necessary to go to the website in the “Search team”. Together with the team the participants have to experience the classical atmosphere of the hackathon for two days to present ready-made solutions one of the proposed partners of the contest problems.

“Decisions, which can offer the participants of the contest “Digital breakthrough” right now, it is very important for the IT-industry as a whole, and for each partner separately. The current situation has become a powerful impetus for the development of technology, and all who could though some to go online, did. The Runet has become a Central platform for business, communications, education, and more. There are many technological challenges that must be addressed quickly and efficiently. In this regard, a decision was made to create online phase jumping��a “Digital breakthrough”. For partner companies online-hackathon is a possibility already now, without waiting for face-to-face events, look to future employees, to find the best specialists and start solving human problems”, — said Sergei plugotarenko, the Director of “RAEC”, head of project office of the contest “Digital breakthrough”.

In a month everyone will be able to try to solve one of the proposed tasks of the project partners that will be associated with the processing of large data sets: Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. Tournament winners will receive cash prizes and an invitation to the finals of “Digital breakthrough”.

“a Large part of everyday tasks has dramatically spilled over into the online and technological solutions have become more important for companies. We have always supported initiatives aimed at the development of the IT-industry in Russia, and today we are pleased to provide technology resources for competition “Digital breakthrough”, including our platform for the online-Championships cloud solutions, social networking capabilities and expertise from leading specialists. IT market is experiencing a serious shortage of professionals, and thanks to online form competition will become even more affordable. Even more talented professionals will be able to Express themselves in the industry, to contribute to the development and implementation of innovative solutions that make people’s lives easier”, — says Vladimir Gabrielyan, the first Deputy General Director Group.

the Participants had yet to meet full-time regional stages, as long as they have a unique opportunity to try their hand at a online events