With the variety of CBD vaping devices on the market, you have to ensure you pick one that is easily and efficiently usable. Having the right combination of the device and the CBD oil will be a plus for you. There are two major categories of vapes in the market, which are nicotine and CBD vape. If you want to quit smoking or get some health benefits from vaping, you should go for CBD vape.  The CBD vapes can also be classified into two categories which are portable and desktop vapes. However, the portable ones are more efficient since you can carry them anywhere. Below are some of the CBD vapes that exist in the market.

CBD Vape Pen

They are refillable with cartridges filled with e-liquid. Some of them have disposable cartridges already filled, and you can exchange them when you are finished with one. Each of the cartridges is loaded with a standard amount of 50mg of CBD oil. They have a simple style and pen-like form. They are also light and can be carried anywhere. The cartridges that hold the e-liquid are attached to a 510 rechargeable thread battery. Vape pens function differently; others are used for mouth to lung inhalation, while others are best for tight mouth to lung draw. The efficiency is attributed to the fact that you can easily carry them around.

THC Oil Pen

THC pens are used to vaporize CBD or THC distillate or oil. The first THC vaping devices got the name pen due to their resemblance with the actual writing pens. These pens have a small battery tasked with heating the oil in the cartridge into vapour through a tiny coil. However, they are not so advanced as the CBD vape pens, but they can still perform their CBD vaping function.

Desktop CBD Vaporizers

For these, you can call your friends and enjoy a session together.  They are commonly referred to as the powerhouse of all vapes. It is because they heat the CBD flower to extract all the required cannabinoids. However, if you do not want the intense heat, you can regulate it. Nevertheless, the desktop vapes heat dry herbs into vapour which is then released to the whip, which is the tube that you will use to inhale the steam. Hence you will need the CBD flower and not the oil.   Therefore if you always carry out your sessions at home, then you can consider having this one.


When buying a vape device, you should consider various things from your budget to the usage frequency. Additionally, size is  also among the essential factors to be looked at since you will need to find a device that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you are a busy person, you need a portable one that perfectly fits your pockets. The fact is there is a suitable device for everyone, and I hope this guide brought you closer to your match.