may 4, in Moscow on 81-m to year of life has died cameraman Valery Shuvalov, who worked with Leonid Gaidai “12 chairs” by Peter Todorovsky on “the Magician” (a second operator), “On main street with an orchestra” and “Intergirl”, Alexander Mitta on the films “the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married”, “the Tale of wandering” and “Crew”.

Getting in 2014, the prize “White square” “For contribution to cinematography art” to them. Sergei Urusevskogo, Valery said that movies are often filmed in a dream, there came to his decision. He was very surprised that I happened to receive the award in that moment, when already 15 years were not in battle formation. A heart attack struck out of the profession. In his rich filmography -a very different picture: “the hottest month” Julia Karasik, “Prediction” by Eldar Ryazanov, “Crazy” Alla Surikova, “little demon” by Nikolai Dostal, and even joint with Stanislav Govorukhin course “the Chemist” on Chekhov.

Valery Shuvalov was the husband of Larisa Luzhin, was the father of her only son Paul Shuvalov. Now he’s the sound Director of “Mosfilm”. Older sister Valery Palovich – Ludmila Shuvalova. actress and Director of the BDT them. G. A. Tovstonogov, the widow of Vladislav Strzhelchik.

About Valery Shuvalov remember his colleagues.

Igor Klebanov, the cameraman

We were very familiar with Valera. He graduated from VGIK in 1966, was a handsome young man. He studied in the workshop of Leonid V. Kosmatova, which I also did two years later. Perhaps we sat at the same Desk. The following year after graduation, Valerie took in the state of “Mosfilm”, which was unthinkable at the time. But, apparently, such a master as Leonid Kosmatov assessed coursework and the thesis and considered it promising. In this he was not mistaken. Valerie was a wonderful statement. For four years he worked at “Mosfilm” and was invited by Leonid Gaidai in the film “12 chairs”, which says a lot. Almost 20 years ago, he suffered a heart attack, heart surgery, and then had to leave the profession. I am happy that we managed to award the prize to them. Sergei Urusevskogo for contribution to the art of film camera.

Probably, it is impossible to say that Valera was the style by which it was possible to accurately recognize his paintings. He was different, knew how what to remove. Colleagues remembered as Valerie in “the Crew” caught the fire. He is respectful to the acting profession, knowing that the artists are the key for the viewer. And they answered him in return and love. Valera exactly tightly and firmly owned by his profession, had a wonderful imagination, which is necessary in our case, was fearless. As said the wise Mikhail Romm, the film – fine arts. Heart paintings�� is the operator. Valera was always such a heart in them, be at the helm directed by Peter Todorovski, Alla Surikova or Alexander Mitta. He was the backbone of the band, with it was considered. But it is understood that the steering in the film – the Director. If he is endowed with talent, and not help any educational institution as there is today. In his biography were great Directors, and great Directors – a good nose for operators. As said Pavel Lebeshev, we bride, we are chosen. Valera was chosen by great Directors.

years of Being a Professor of the faculty of carrier, I can say that the young operators often do not know where the Shoe pinches in our profession, I can name not more than three or four names. And Valery Shuvalov – “gold Fund” domestic carrier of the school that we should be proud of. Operator Roger Dikins, received the “Oscar” for the film “1917”, called their teachers Ilya Rerberg and Vadim Yusov. Such minutes are especially proud of our craftsmen.

Vladimir Klimov, operator

– Valera abruptly stopped filming after heart problems, and we close did not communicate in recent years. I saw him some time in the laboratory of “Mosfilm”, where he helped someone. The disease got him kicked out of the profession. She’s as crazy and heavy. In it and with a healthy heart is not always good. But earlier in the movie was normal life. Worked more for art, not for money. Now even no time to think on the court. It’s just a grind. Valera was great work. Remember his carefully invited Alexander Mitta on “the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married”. He’s a very demanding Director, and intricate pattern. And Valerie nailed it. It was a search operation in the sense of a visual approach, there was a lot of innovation. “The crew”, which he filmed with Mitta, became the first Soviet disaster film but still so successful – took the rental the first position.

I’m very sad about Valerie. Now and not really going to spend his last journey. Before the quarantine, we buried outstanding artist Lyudmila Kusakova, already then on “Mosfilm” as an exception allowed to the Wake of 20 people.

we Have today will be online the Board of the Guild of operators. We will talk about covid. We’re all together and left without a job. People don’t live on that. Remember together Valery Pavlovich Shuvalov.